“It’s like winning the lottery.”

a The global crisis in obtaining housing has worsened Ingenuity in searching for meters and millimeters, and raising the temperature of political debates. Find an apartment in good condition and at an affordable price like Find a needle in a haystack. From tiny apartments to controversial proposals for beehive rooms or ideas already ingrained for decades in South Korean culture like ‘goshiwon’ Which are 6 square metres, sealed indoor rooms that may not even have a window. It is a variety of solutions that make up the search for housing.

It is not surprising, therefore, that, contrary to all this, Fujiri’s proposal stands out as a rare bird, inhabiting an 88-cent annual that did not suffer. No rent increase in five centuries. The project was a pioneer in social housing as well The most exclusive and longest-lived in Europe.

A great idea, because in the midst of this panorama, the housing issue in Spain has risen 18 places in just six months as one of the most important issues for Spaniards. and the social housing It was a wild card tool to correct this kind of problem in europe and thus be able to land a decent house.

The idea that in our country Better timesgiven that according to data from the Department of Transportation, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, more than 600,000 social housing built annually in the 1980s, 47.7%, moved from construction today to 2.6% of social housing, One of the lowest numbers in Europe.

Supply of public housing

In the world

As a percentage of social rental housing out of the total

Number of homes (latest year available, 2011-2020)




United kingdom



South Korea




United States of America









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Affordable Housing Database, OECD (2020)


Fuggerei, the double singularity

Fuggerei was founded in XVI century Located in Augsburg, a city in Bavaria, South Germany. No less remarkable is his patron and promoter, Jacob blewthe man richer From history he was the banker of Spain at the time of Carlos V and financed, at that time, the Pope and Fernando de Magallanes. In addition to Creation of the first multinational company from history.

Jakob Fugger, Portrait of Albrecht Dürer

James Westfall, former president of the American Historical Association, referred to Fugger as “The most powerful banker ever in all history. Much more than the Rothschilds or the Morgans.” In fact, his fortune, at the current exchange rate, was nearly 500,000 million euros, thus exceeding, according to Bloomberg, the combined assets of two of the currently richest men in the world, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

Fujiri’s disturbing proposal attracts more than 200,000 tourists annually. Presumably 142 apartments of more than 60 square meters That even includes the garden, in some cases. Born as a project for the most disadvantaged, a walled building and a city within the city itself. They close every day at 10 pm. The late fine ranges from 50 cents to 1 euro.

Founded by Fugger K rules To be a resident: to be Catholic, to pray three times a day, to be over 60 years old, to have lived in Augsburg for two years, to live in destitution with no debts. Conditions that have been modified with the change of times.

Unbelievable but true

one of its inhabitants Ilona Barber, 73, told ABC his choice to live in Fuggerei was like winning the lottery. Especially because The waiting list is currently about four years. He goes to live there for financial reasons, as his pension is too low and the rent prices too high for him to afford. Now, her life has turned 180 degrees, and she has savings and extra money that allows her to treat herself a bit.

Its floor is 60 square meters with Two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small storage roomIt is where he lives with his two dogs, two cats and five birds. Residents regularly hold two activities, every Tuesday for breakfast, and on Thursday afternoon coffee and cake. And they have a place for social activities.

Everything was positive socially and economically. Since we are in the center within a few minutes, I am close to the town hall or market square. And there is a group that once a year, in the first week of September, goes on vacation to Italy. The population is very diverse, The youngest is one and a half years old, and the oldest is 94 years old Barber says:

Waiting list

Sophie Dost, who is in charge of project coordination and communication in Fujiri, explained that they are “very low-income people living in this place. Emergency residents due to situations that arise, for example, due to prolonged illness, retirees, single parents. But in the event of an improvement in the financial situation or an emergency situation, the residents will move from Fujiri again.”

Regarding the selection of candidates, Dost explains that they do not maintain a waiting list in the form of a ranking list according to the date of receipt. No matter when you apply for an apartment, the apartment is allocated to those they think need it urgently.

“Selectors verify their information with a letter to the responsible parish, the corresponding official offices, presentation of a certificate of good conduct and, last but not least, a home visit,” Doost specifies.

She details that the four Fujiri museums, including a reconstructed historic apartment and a World War II bunker exhibit, can be visited each day.

Fuggerei NEXT500 is an ongoing project that is now selecting and implementing motives from our anniversary which was in 2020. In the meantime, Dost notes, “future fuggerei in Sierra Leonethere are plans to Lithuania and the Netherlands».

The question is whether a similar project can be replicated in our country or is it a distant dream of many Spaniards in general, and of young people in particular. Since social rent there have only been approximately 2,400 homes in the country. Hence, it has been said that social housing in Spain is in danger of extinction.

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