Italian teacher fired for missing 20 of the 24 years of her career

It took the Italian authorities 24 years to uncover Teacher absenteeism record Philosophy and literature. According to the investigation, which supported the decision to dismiss the nanny for methods “contrary to teaching,” she said Accumulated 20 years without attending classes.

The teacher is identified as Cinzia Paulina Di Leo, He was accused of arbitrarily resorting to common grounds for absenteeism, such as Sick leave, leave and administrative leave to attend conferences. And it was this conclusion of an inspection of the Italian Ministry of Education that supported the decision to dismiss the teacher in 2017.

De Lio’s absence was previously revealed Constant complaints from his students From a school where he spent 4 months working.

The students showed the teacher’s lack of interest in teaching the classes, as she arrived without preparing the classes, and used the cell phone in the classroom, in addition to that, Use a random method of evaluation learning level for each one.

According to what was reported by the Italian press Di Leo He tried to reverse his dismissal in 2018 He appealed to the Venetian labor tribunal, arguing that his academic freedom had been violated.

Initially, she won the appeal, as the judge considered that the inspection by the Ministry fell short in assessing her quality as a teacher. However, the Ministry of Education referred the case to another court, which upheld the initial ruling, and found that The teacher has been absent for at least 20 of the 24 years to which she was hired.

In addition, it was determined that in the first ten she was “completely absent” and that most of the remaining 14 filed sick leave reports for periods ranging from 40 to 180 days per year to evade their teaching responsibility.

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Among other things, the court deemed the failure to perform as “improvisation in his classes”, and endorsed the dismissal decision applied by the Ministry of Education, due to his “permanent and absolute inability” to teach in classes.

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