It will cost more than double what it did 15 years ago

Consumers who have butane In their homes they will see how in the middle of winter they will have to pay more for each of the cylinders they buy. From January 1, 2023 A price freeze approved by the government last June to help families affected by the price crisis caused, among other reasons, by The war in Ukraine. subordinate €19.55 Within the cost of each cylinder, approximately one additional euro will rise.

Despite this limitation, 2022 will indeed be marked as the year in which butane cylinders were the most expensive. So far, this record was held by 2013 and 2014, when he reached Pay 17.50 EUR Per unit. Looking back a little, in 2008 a maximum of 10.50 euros was paid for a regulated cylinder: In 2023 it will reach 22 euros, more than double.

How is the price of a butane cylinder calculated?

The sale price of the cylinders is determined automatically every two months, by means of a formula that specifies one condition: the fluctuation, up and down, of the price It cannot be higher than 5% in each review. Given the drift in the energy market, it is unlikely that it will become cheaper in the medium term.

From September 2021 until the rate was set via the Bank of England, the price of cylinders went up by about 5% every two months, a drift that will happen again from next January, so €22 is a brand that will be achieved sooner rather than later.

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