It was suspected that the victims could be involved in an operation on the Ross Poles

New details began to emerge regarding a mysterious shipwreck last Sunday in Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, in which four people died, at least three of whom have been identified as intelligence agents. According to the information available at the present time, the two victims are Tiziana Barnobi and Claudio Alonzi, aged 53 and 62, and they are Italian intelligence agents. Shimoni Erez, 50, retired Mossad agent; And Anna Bozkova, 50, is the wife of the captain of the ship where the tragedy occurred.

As indicated by “Il Corriere della Sera” on Thursday, the group on the boat consisted of for twenty-one people, dressed in casual Sunday clothes and in an apparent relaxed manner, disembarked on the Isla de los Pescadores in Lake Maggiore, a place of great beauty that welcomes the tourist of choice. After arriving on the island, the group heads to the “Il Verbano” restaurant.

Despite the fact that the day has gone by as a seemingly innocent journey until the tragedy, the Italian newspaper notes that the true intent of the group members could be very different. Although the large number of members does not seem ideal to carry out an intelligence mission – as agents are expected to go unnoticed and not attract attention – the fact is that it is on the island of Los Pescadores and in the area where it is located. A large concentration of powerful figures, both Russian tycoons linked to hotel-building projects and a community of wealthy Orthodox Jews who celebrate parties often attended by politicians.

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Although at present it cannot be definitively asserted that the dead were participating in an operation for which it went wrong Mishap in the weather – In fact, the captain of the ship is being investigated – there are several indications that lead us not to exclude this possibility. One is that the Russian woman who also lost her life could act as a translator for the rest of the group.

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