It was revealed that there is a relationship between two colleagues from the English Premier League

And theBritish media outlet “The Sun” revealed that there are two members of the same English Premier League team romantic relationship For some time now. So far, The identity of the footballers is unknown, although it’s no secret inside the locker room. Homosexuality is still a taboo in the world of football and this often translates into a fear of being exposed and, therefore, certainly The couple did not want to make it public.

A source revealed to “The Sun” that “They saw no need to hide from their teammates, And why are they? Nobody bothered that and They have the support of the coach and the club hierarchyThe soccer players asked their comrades to respect their decision and not to disclose information publicly to protect their privacy.

Now, the source has clarified the reasons why the couple did not go public with their relationship. They decided not to publicly disclose, Although no one is ashamed It could happen in the future. During the season they wanted to focus on football. While making a statement it will be a positive thing, It can distract him from his performance on the field.

‘The Sun’ also revealed that it will likely be released soon A program in which a football player openly talks about his homosexuality.

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