Israelis continue to protest against judicial reform as Netanyahu undergoes a health operation

More than 200,000 people took to the streets of major Israeli cities this Saturday to demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Paralysis of the controversial judicial reform process On a day when more than 11 thousand reservists announced that they would stop their military service in protest against the initiative.

nails 85,000 people gathered in front of the Knesset o The Israeli parliament after a four-day march from Tel Aviv, according to data published by the ‘Times of Israel’ and prepared by Crowd Solutions.

In addition, it has already begun to install The “Tent City” in the city’s Saqr Park, Very close to the parliamentary headquarters, an action organized by the organizers of the protests and assured that it will not be dismantled until the judicial reform is withdrawn.

Meanwhile, on Kaplan Street in tel aviv, The epicenter of the weekly protests that have rocked the country for 29 weeks, it has a population of about 100,000 people. In Haifa there are 14,000 demonstrators and 10,000 in Netanya.

The first law of judicial reform

Meanwhile, the Israeli prime minister met with coalition deputies and confirmed the previous position: If a consensual agreement is not reached with the opposition, then this is Monday. The first law of judicial reform is approved as planned, Which limits the ability of the courts to restrict, ask questions and question the initiatives and decisions of the executive authority, according to Channel 12.

In addition, Channel 12 confirmed that there were no contacts over the weekend between coalition leaders and opposition leaders, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz.

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And according to Channel 12 sources, Netanyahu would not be willing to come to Defense Minister proposalYoav Gallant postpones the Knesset’s summer recess to give more time to reach an agreement.

while the Opposition leader Yair Lapid From the centrist Yesh Atid party, he stressed during a function in Modin that he will have to choose between the law that will be passed in the future on Monday and the Israeli armed forces.

“There are only two possibilities for the government in the coming days: Either you destroy the country or you destroy yourself. Lapid said, according to the ‘Times of Israel’, either destroy the army, the economy and relations with the Americans or not. He stressed that “Netanyahu must choose whether he prefers the IDF or the ‘reasonable’ clause that nullifies the proposed law.

Netanyahu’s health operation

In the midst of these protests, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will present in the early hours of Sunday to Surgery to implant a pacemakerjust a week after being hospitalized for dehydration.

Netanyahu, 73, made it clear in a video shared on his Twitter account that he will undergo the procedure tonight It feels “excellent” And to follow the advice of his doctors. While accepting, he stated that the Minister of Justice, Yariv Levin, would take over as acting Prime Minister.

He added that his doctors told him he expected them to give it to him Sunday discharge from Sheba Medical Center In Ramat Gan in time to participate in the passage of the first law on judicial reform, which limits the ability of courts to restrict, challenge and question the initiatives and decisions of the executive branch.

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In addition, the main security meeting with the IDF commander from Sunday morning was postponed to a date yet to be determined.

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