Is there a beer belly? Myths about fattening foods

A varied and balanced diet is essential at any stage of life. the healthy habits They can prevent the development of diseases such as overweight or obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. To cover all nutritional needs, it is essential to eat a variety of food groups without overdoing it, in moderation and Avoid overprocessing (Products loaded with refined flour, fat and sugar).

However, there are some foods that have historically been classified as unhealthy or with the wrong properties. Infinite legends that have been created over the years and that of the specialists of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) They deny the “Your Healthy Choice” guide..

“beer & rdquo;

The real reason for Bear belly (belly obesity) It is not really the consumption of beer, which is a fermented beverage made from sprouted barley or other grains and is the most consumed in the world. But it is not an exclusive consequence of drinking a beer every day, as it represents a very small percentage of the daily calories. The causes of a beer belly can be other factors such as: Wrong eating habitssedentary lifestyle, smoking or genetic components, which favor obesity and affect body composition more than the amount of beer consumed &rdquor ;.

“The crumbs make more fat than the bread crust & rdquor;

It is one of the most widespread myths, but it is wrong. As the FEN experts point out, the explanation is very simple: since the crumb is softer, more water is concentrated and, therefore, Low calories. On the other hand, the bark is the hardest part, it contains less water and the concentration of nutrients and energy input is greater & rdquor ;.

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Whole grain bread contains fewer calories than regular bread & rdquor;

One hundred grams of white bread provides 277 calories and 2.2 grams of fiber. Compared to another 100 grams of whole wheat bread, there is hardly any difference: 250 calories and 8.5 grams of fiber. However, the difference is that those breads made with wholemeal flour “tend to require more chewing” and “they cause more satiety, because they are high in fiber, so we usually consume less.”

It must be taken into account that some types of bread made from whole grains “may contain added fats and sugars, in order to improve their taste, which would significantly modify their nutritional value.” And no, bread doesn’t get fattening on its own. Highlights of the nutritionists of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation: “The only thing that makes us fat is the extra calories we consume, wherever they come from, which our bodies do not spend, as they are stored as fat”.

“Spinach provides a lot of energy & rdquor;

Cans spinach what did you drink Bob They gave him “super” power to be able to fight his great enemy: Brutus. But the properties attributed to spinach are also a piece of fiction. The fact is that spinach, like most vegetables, They do not save much energy due to the large amount of water they have. Specifically, the energy value of spinach is 31 calories per 100 grams, so no one will be full of energy after eating it, as was the case with spinach, ”said the experts, who nevertheless recommend its inclusion in the diet due to the contribution it contains essential micronutrients.

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“Canned vegetables are not healthy & rdquo;

Can eating canned food be healthy? FEN’s response is straightforward: yes, but with some nuances. Although a part of the population is reluctant to consume it because they are worried about their nutritional quality and safety, nothing could be further from the truth. If it is true that they can get a file Excess sodium and sugarit just “remains in the canning liquid, so removing it and washing the vegetables later is a good option to reduce your intake.” They are the perfect choice in the absence of time and as an alternative to pre-cooked dishes that are usually not healthy.

Nutritionists also stress that “this can be extrapolated to frozen vegetables that, in addition, salt is not usually added and that, with a composition very similar to that of fresh ingredients, can be an interesting option for increasing the consumption of this food group & rdquor ;.

“Fruit makes more fat if it is eaten as a dessert.”

Fruit is one of the basic foods that we should not miss in our diet. It is recommended to eat about five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day. And if you choose satiating, low-calorie fruits (bananas, red or orange fruits), you can also control your appetite and weight. Therefore, it is an ideal snack between meals.

It can be taken at any time of the day. “The calorie contribution of fruit and its nutritional value is the same whether it is eaten before, after or during meals. It should also be noted that there is no reason that engenders the consumption of fruit as a dessert.” digestive discomfort & FEN specialists.

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“After milk you can’t drink orange juice & rdquor;

It’s one of those phrases we’ve all heard, at some point in our lives. But it is a misconception, according to nutritionists. The acidity of the stomach is greater than the acidity of orange juiceDuring digestion, milk meets hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

“Nuts make you fat & rdquor;

Nuts are rich in fiber and calcium Folic acid (Very important especially during pregnancy to avoid problems with the development of the brain and spine) Iron and vitamins E and B1. They are very important to avoid cardiovascular disease, but they are also very rich in fats.

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However, they are essential as part of a healthy diet. “It must be remembered that in addition to the quantity, the quality of the fat is more important, as it has a protective effect against cardiovascular disease.”

“Olive oil makes you fat & rdquor;

Yes, this is correct. But unlike the fat that olive oil provides (9 calories per gram), “you have to be careful and use it in the right amount and form in order to get all of its benefits.” In fact, a study published in the international European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN) from the journal natureindicates that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil has a protective effect against breast cancer.

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