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96.1% of households in Spain have a broadband internet connection, according to data from EPData, and younger people (between 16 and 24) are the most likely to use this connection. In this age group, there is a greater tendency to use consoles and enjoy content on streaming platforms, where they have higher data consumption.

But few experiences are more frustrating than trying to load a page in a browser and seeing that it takes too long to load, or that an error message pops up right on your screen. How is that possible, assuming the contracted bandwidth is generous and with sufficient capacity?

the Router It uses short-range radio waves to transmit the Internet connection that reaches the home wirelessly. As is clear and well known, its main advantage is that it allows simultaneous connection, without the need for cables, of various devices of different types (mobile phone, computer, connected speaker). Its main drawback is that the signal loses strength as we move away from it Router.

Wi-Fi only provides a short range connection, so the Router And the device must be relatively close in order to be able to approach the contracted theoretical velocity. But there are more factors interfering with connection speed than distance: interference from other devices, physical barriers, or the age of the router itself.

Central, barrier-free location

This is the simplest and most effective procedure: trying to locate Router In the most central location of the house, or as close to the appliances as possible and as high up as possible. This is not always possible, as the device is usually plugged in at the point where the broadband cable enters the home, but to the extent it is possible, it will greatly improve the quality of the connection.

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“Ideally, it should be in the place where it is used most often, for example, in the living room,” they explain to EL PAÍS from the manufacturer AVM, who also offers other valuable advice, “Make sure that Router Don’t hide it in a closet” or in a drawer, because signal quality is difficult at the furthest points.

turn on and off

If you’re in a situation where you have to contact your carrier when you’re having problems connecting to the Internet, one of the first actions support will suggest is to turn everything off and on. Think Router Like a computer that needs to be rebooted from time to time in order to eliminate possible errors and resolve operational issues.

While it is not a general solution to wireless problems, it can solve certain cases, although, yes, experts recommend waiting ten seconds before restarting the device. Router Turned off and of course, include the modem in this power cycle.

Dual Band and Firmware update

Wi-Fi streaming is like a highway that becomes saturated if there is a lot of traffic at any given time. In this sense, when there are many devices connected simultaneously, the connection speed and quality may suffer. Dual-band “routers”, which include the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, allow traffic to be diverted to the higher band in more demanding devices (such as a computer or tablet).

One of the main advantages of the 5GHz band is that it has less interference, mainly because there are fewer devices occupying it. On the other hand, the 5GHz band has higher available throughput, which can support higher data traffic. In parallel with using two bands, another piece of advice that manufacturers always give is to make sure you’re always using the latest version of the band. Firmware From Routernot only for the sake of optimizing its operation, but above all for security.

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Network signal booster

Sometimes all the solutions proposed so far may not be able to increase the quality of the wireless connection, especially if the house is large or has many walls or obstacles. If this is the case, it is best to install a mesh grille (aka network).

This network starts from a base station it replaces Router It communicates directly with the modem, along with one or more remote stations (or repeaters). The advantage of this wireless infrastructure is that the Wi-Fi connection is managed intelligently, based on various factors (distance, connected devices, signal quality…), which makes the connection more stable.

Wired connection

Whenever possible, and ideally in a newly renovated home, it’s a good idea to locate Ethernet sockets in places where a permanently connected device will be. For example, on a TV, game console, or on a desktop computer.

This connection, in addition to being much faster because it lacks losses, is more stable and does not depend on devices communicating wirelessly. A side benefit of connecting multiple devices at home via cable is that it reduces the number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, thus relieving potential wireless congestion.

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