Iran prosecutes hundreds of protesters

Police repression did not stop the protests in Iran, and the authorities took the first large-scale legal action since the start of the mobilization more than a month ago. 516 people will be brought to trial For his active role in the most serious unrest in the Islamic Republic since 2019.

Official agencies detail it 315 of the detainees are from Tehran, 201 from the rest of the provinces, including four accused of “war against God”, a crime that can be punished with death. And the head of the Iranian judicial system announced that these would be punished.” Gholamhossein Mohseni Aji. This is one of the first official data known to the Islamic regime so far It does not provide figures for the dead or arrested.

The Islamic Republic’s leadership accuses the United States and Israel of being behind the protests that have seized high schools and universities in recent days. 40 days have passed since the death of the Amini family and the Amini family received strong pressure not to hold a party on this day when mourning ends according to Iranian custom, the IranWire portal has advanced. On social media, activists called for a protest to mark the end of the duel.

The protests erupted after the murder of the young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, by the morale police on September 16. He was arrested on the streets of Tehran for not wearing the hijab properly and did not leave the police station alive. Since then, mobilization has been recorded in all governorates of the country, and it is women who lead them to the cry of “Women, Life and Freedom”, a slogan that transcended borders as evidenced by the rallies that pass through them. cities around the world. Protesting in the Islamic Republic is to risk your life, and according to NGO data, More than 200 protesters were killed by the security forces.

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