Iran almost doubled the number of executions it carried out in 2022 to “sow terror”

Iran executed at least 582 people last year, up 75 percent from 2021, according to two human rights NGOs, the Norwegian Organization for Human Rights in Iran and the French Together Against the Death Penalty. According to these two organizations, most of the executions were carried out in secret. Approximately fifty of those executed were political prisonerswere imprisoned for their opposition; The rest, ordinary prisoners, were convicted of murder or drug trafficking.

The increase in the application of the death penalty in Iran coincided with the beginning of the widespread popular protests against the fundamentalist regime, which began in September last year after the death of a young woman, Mohsa Amini, at the hands of the Mohsa Amini police, a young woman who was arrested because she was not arrested. To wear it properly put on the compulsory hijab.

Protests continued in the streets of major cities in Iran until recently, leaving behind a trail of deaths -522 according to the NGO Human Rights North America – tens of thousands of arrests and swift trials that ended in prison sentences and several executions. general.

Those executed for participating in the protests are listed in official Iranian documents as “enemies of God” Khomeini’s fundamentalist thesis asserts that God needs men to enforce His divine justice already on earth, by hanging, without waiting for the Final Judgment.

International protests

According to the European NGO report, the pace of executions of political prisoners slowed down due to the pressure of international protests, but was “compensated” by the increased application of the death penalty against drug traffickers.

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The crackdown on dissent coincided paradoxically with Iran’s diplomatic and military successes in the region. Earlier this month, Tehran and Riyadh resumed relations after a seven-year break due to the military confrontation in the wars in Yemen and Syria, where they back rival factions. Saudi Arabia’s decision also restore its relations with Damascus, And the push for peace in Yemen leaves no room for doubt that victory belongs to Iran. The mullahs’ regime today does not fear any foreign power – the United States. Limiting itself to imposing sanctions, Israel has enough to defend its borders from Tehran’s allies—the only enemy within: its own population.

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