Intruders on your Wi-Fi? So you can find out if they are stealing from the Internet

If your internet starts to run slower than usual for no apparent reason, it could be and They are stealing your wifi. While this isn’t the only possible reason why the web takes time to load, it’s even better know as soon as possible Because of the security problems that could ensue.

The first effect noticed by a user whose wifi was hacked is the bandwidth reduction If the intruder is using the network extensively. But there are bigger risks, eg wrongdoing Your online use — viewing child pornography, accessing terrorist groups or insulting and harassing unknown or famous people, to give just three examples — can get you into trouble with the police.

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The easiest way to find out who is connected to our network is through various programs known as “Sniffers” or network scannersinstalled on our own hardware. From the mobile phone, tablet or computer with which we usually connect to the Internet at home, we can get a list of all the devices that are using the same network at that moment.

One of the most recommended by users is Fing, which is available For both Android and iPhone. But there are many other applications for tablets or mobile phones and computers, and one of the most used is Who’s on Wifi or Wireless Network Watcher.

They all work in a similar way: analyze the Wi-Fi in question to find out How many devices are connected Once.

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One way to find out if someone is using our wifi is to unplug all of our devices and Check if the router light is still blinking. If this happens, someone is clearly using our network.

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It is also possible to see if someone has used the Wi-Fi in our absence. For this you have to Access the router’s websiteThis is done as follows:

  • Put router address (usually or in your web browser. Thus, a website is accessed in which the username and password of the router are requested.

  • ask for advice device record that have been associated. A list of the devices’ IP and MAC addresses appears. By knowing us, you can check what others have linked without your knowledge.

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