Interview with Santiago Segura: “I owe nothing to the treasury”

“I have no problem with the Treasury Department. I don’t owe anything to the treasuryhe claims Spanish actor and director Santiago Segura to Levante-EMV, from the Prensa Ibérica group. Segura showed herself aggressively during her presentation Latest movie “Summer Vacation”In the Cinema is not Valencia can be seen from next July 6. According to El Periódico de España, also of the Prensa Ibérica Group, Segura and his trade group carried out a series of operations, in which he allegedly attempted to defraud payments to the treasury. This is evidenced by an investigation by the Central Delegation of major taxpayers collected in a ruling by the The national court to which the EPE has access and in which it is explained how to do so, through a complex series of accounting movements for its production company buddies Within his business group, AE William Holding, SL, the producer has attempted to capitalize on the “double tax use of the same loss.”

However, the IRS tracked all his moves and issued a settlement in 2016 that recently reached the National Court, as it was a debt cancellation claim. 827,183 euros, It is held by the Santiago Segura Group of Companies with the Treasury Department. The reason for this debt, the judges explain, is the irregular compensation of the negative tax rules for the Amiguetes in a proclamation corporate tax for the period 2010-2011.

Segura has been forthcoming with the information published in the media. “This is not news, it happens daily. Nobody reads it, they just read the headline,” he sighs. Segura makes it clear In 2016, the Treasury Department informed him that it had “applied a rule that should not be applied.” “I asked them what should I do. They told me to pay this amount and sign the agreement.”to this method.

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It indicates that this event has happened to more people. “People, when they disagree with the Treasury, claim . A very high percentage is earned by one taxpayer and another, the Treasury. But it’s not that easy,” he explains. claim thatThat money is not in my pocket. Is there. If the courts agreed with me at one point, it would be mine again. But I owe nothing to the treasury. Everything has been distorted.”

“click bait”

How is Spain smoking for ‘click taste’? It’s very exciting to say that Santiago Segura has issues with the Treasury Department, when he doesn’t. When you read it deeply, people don’t understand it,” he says. Segura adds that he has not been fined because, as he puts it, the Economic Court said that There was no intent to defraud. There is disagreement in the application of the standard. Imagine the bad feelings this created for me. But I explain it.

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