Interview with Salvador Sobral: “I feel full with my daughter and only on stage”

winner in Eurovision 2017 Salvador Sobral It arrives for the first time in the Canary Islands as part of the programming of the new edition of the Canarias Jazz & Más International Festival. The singer-songwriter will perform on Wednesdays at Teatro Leal in La Laguna and on Thursdays at Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is one of the last listening opportunities beats per minute Before he released his new record, the bellNext September.

s. These are your first shows in the Canary Islands. Do you know the musical rhythms of the archipelago? Do you think they can inspire you to compose new music?

R was found. Everything in this world inspires me to create new music. Recently, a friend of mine gave me time fiddler Hirai Afonso’s music, and I loved it!

Q: After so many years of work, do you keep going on stage to have fun without any other pretext?

R was found. Now more than ever. Being with my daughter or on stage are the only two places I feel good. No worries, pressure from the industry, health issues, nothing. We exist 100%.

Q: You’ve had the opportunity to play all over the planet. Is your music received equally wherever you go?

R was found. No, every country has its own way of understanding my music. For example, Dutch audiences have a great deal of humor influencing music. Or the audience from Brazil, which is the strongest I’ve ever been in, they are there as if they were listening to the last notes of their lives. I love it and it also infects me when I play for them.

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Q: Even so, I have sung in more than 30 languages. Is there a language in which you feel your music sounds special?

R was found. I think singing in Portuguese will always have a special meaning to me because it’s like being at home. When I do, I bring back everything I’ve lived through, the memories, the loved ones, and the pain.

Q: He composes some of your songs and sings others. Do you feel more comfortable in either of these aspects?

R was found. No, the truth is that I love to sing. It doesn’t matter if I write it or Elton John. I realized this when I wrote the last record. I thought I would feel more private singing what I wrote, but in the end it is the art of singing that fascinates me.

Q: You have already shown some progress in your next job, the bell. How do you know this new record?

R was found. It is a luminous disk. I feel like achieving clarity. Maybe it has more folk rhythms and less jazz. In short, it will be a tropical record.

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Q: You became known worldwide after winning Eurovision. After winning, do you continue with the program?

R was found. The truth is, I haven’t followed her in recent years. I haven’t seen the winner this year.

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