Interview with Luisa Castro: “Without literature the world would be flatter”

This novel is the story of a wealthy family in Barcelona. Suddenly an accident gives rise to a new world, told here with such a poetic style, and partly with the agility of a humorist, that all the following episodes can only be told with the grace of irony.

Luisa CastroIts author is Almost a poet from adolescence. From the fierce literary point of view, he took over his life in his native Galicia, then in Madrid, Barcelona and, more recently, in Director of the successive centers of the Cervantes Institute in Bordeaux and Dublin, where she now represents the Spanish language in Ireland.

She has always had a tremendous flair for humor, and it can be said that her laughter and smile have saved her many times from the inconveniences of life and literature, and this book is written in that spirit (blood horchataAlfaguara) with which his prose now reappears.

She was born in Foz in 1966. She never left this sea air, the air of her father and mother. In fact, his poemsEunuch versesHyperion Award Gunner habits, King Juan Carlos Award, W I love my Lord) has the scents of the coast and boats, which also mingled with his prose.

In their narration they precede this book, which we talked about in its editorial in Madrid, spring boxAnd yellow feverAnd The secret of whitening (Azuren Award), Traveling with my parentsAnd The second woman (Abstract Library Award) f I can hurt you (Torrente Pallister Award). She always seemed fragile, as if on the verge of becoming a poem, but inhabited by a tremendous ability to tell stories, as if her characters were as alive as she was.

Q: You’ve been writing since you were a teenager. What has literature helped you with?

R was found. Since adolescence, I’ve had a certain taste for solitude, for making my world, for my corner. As if one wants to protect oneself from the environment and beautify the world. It’s not that my environment was terrible, at all. But let’s say that without literature the world is flatter. Literature gives you another dimension, another depth.

Q: I have also traveled since I was a girl. How have the trips helped you?

R was found. I don’t know whether to say that to discover or escape forward. I was never clear at first it was Madrid, then New York, then Barcelona and mldr; Suddenly, the need to be on the move, to be a nomad, settles in you.

Q: How was it?

R was found. very good. I am very happy, I had difficulties, but I managed to write and have readers. I am so grateful for that, my family, and my children’s father. [Xavier Rubert de Ventós, pensador catalán, recientemente fallecido]… I feel very lucky because I have loved so many people.

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Q: What about heartbreak? In this novel there is.

R was found. Heartbreak is part of life. All can’t be good because & mldr; What the hell would that be! Look: you have to know how to navigate in good weather and against a storm. I’m very cowardly. I’m very sensitive and cry over anything, but I’m also very resilient. This helps.

Q: Well, you have a family member who has followed in your footsteps.

R was found. to Xita [Rubert, autora de Mis días con los Kopp, recientemente publicada por Anagrama]! I like her a lot and now I think I’m devoting myself to impersonating her, hahahahaha. For me, it’s a pleasure for you to write it. Above all, because I didn’t expect him to do something so beautiful.

Q: Tell me how this novel appeared.

R was found. It was thanks to the humor, to how fun life is when it puts us through hardship. What is happening in the novel is not funny at all, but let’s say there is an awareness of joy. The story of this father and this daughter imposed itself on me after reading Zeta’s book carefully. Since then, I’ve needed to recreate that relationship on another note, to get rid of the fears I had as a mother. This novel emerges from fear and puts a face on fear. And though, you see something funny, like we’re in this world to get slapped and those slappings are taken by a young woman, or almost a girl, but in the end it turns out she has weapons to fight in life. ..

I think it’s important, now that autobiography is in vogue, that I make it clear when one writes an autobiography and when one writes a novel. Fantasy is fantasy and that’s it.”

Q: How did you live that family life that you recounted?

R was found. You don’t think the novel has much to do with my personal experience. You may express your deepest fears through a plot or characters that do not reflect your reality at all. But I think it’s very important, now that autobiographical literature is so popular, to make it clear when one writes an autobiography and when one writes a novel. Fantasy is fantasy and that’s it.

Q: How was this imaginary family built?

R was found. I don’t know … Let’s see: the nucleus of this family is the father and the daughter and the risk of death from the first page due to the disappearance of the father. I thought about what would happen if I saw my children in a similar situation. In other words: I needed to immerse myself in this pain to know what I was going to do. Also, in the background, there are characters who somehow reflect my fears. But you see: oftentimes drama generates laughter.

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Q: In these pages, it is not shown that you are the mother, but rather that you are the daughter and the principal.

R was found. Well, you’re not wrong, ha-ha-ha-ha. I saw it well. Because I am the one who does not know where it is or what ground it is on, the one who sees threats and tries to explain what is going on around them, the one who fears & mldr; The girl has that passion for saving others, yeah. Because only if she saves others will she be calm. It’s like he always wanted to fix the breakage.

Q: It is remarkable that everything happens in the world of the rich.

R was found. But do not think that I knew such a rich life. I invented it. I did not have a rich life. never. I have seen families like this in my environment. People who have many material things but deep down they have a great void, or who find it difficult to understand money, as in this novel.

Q: Here there is poetry, pain, heartbreak and something.

R was found. and experiences. Look: I read this summer Ulysses Joyce and one thing he says is absolutely true: art is measured by the depth of life from which it emerges. In other words, what appears is not the thought or action of one person, but several. I put different things in the same paragraph, eg. There is no direct attribution to one person, one situation, or one idea.

Q: There is also seriousness in the narration of the various dramas that it includes.

R was found. Yes, it is the way to describe the chaos that surrounds the protagonist. She sees the incorruptibility of people, so to speak. Depending on what you do, how they protect you, and what you’ve learned … We all live in drama. There is a fear I was telling you about. Writing is a way out.

Q: They all seem so locked into their plays, right?

R was found. Yes, the first paragraph fell from the sky: I saw a young woman who was looking for someone to trust and wanted someone to love. This is the crux of the novel, I think. This is her drama, but she is attentive to her surroundings.

Q: Here there is no real evil, there are always corrections. But you, who have lived in different places and know different ways of being, how do you know evil?

R was found. Evil is something that is part of life and we cannot avoid it. You have to learn to understand it. Because if everything in life was good…it would be boring! Do not you think? We are endowed with intelligence for better and for worse. Sometimes the worst is a defense mechanism and then whatever happens happens. But life learns to manage evil. It is there, you cannot eliminate it, today it is in you, and tomorrow it is in me & mldr; But here it is. The same goes for pain. And hey, that’s good. Because after overcoming pain you mature, you learn, you become better. Didn’t this happen to you? You say: I did not die, I lived this very strong, but I am still here. And that makes you keep going, right?

Q: Was this story considered a family story?

R was found. No no. This is not a family saga. There is a father and a girl who are surrounded by others, and that’s it. It’s just that I don’t have references to books on sagas, you know?

Q: I have lived abroad for a long time. How do you see this country where you live?

R was found. I arrived this morning, light and warm from Madrid & mldr; What taste! This is something I really miss. But the same thing happens to me when I go to Barcelona to see my kids. Or to Santiago de Compostela. I kind of regret not having a life going on here so I can enjoy that life more.

Life outside Spain is … Like a life less, you know? It helps me a lot to be outside and see the richness we have here.”

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Q: Anyway, what image do you have of Spain that you don’t live in now?

R was found. I still have the image of a very nice country, where people are nice to deal with, where you eat great, where you live great. And I like it more than what I see on the outside. Life outside Spain is … Like a life less, you know? It helps me a lot to be outside and see the wealth we have here. And since I have friends almost everywhere in Spain, well … This is how I realize how big this whole country is.

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