Interview with Esperanza Pedrino: “My mother was offended by her divorce at the time of the move”

He will remember a lot Hope Pedrino (Simplicity, 1974) for the character Cañizares, the naive office worker from Camera Cafe. It’s the role that has given her the most projection, even though she’s been on stage for many years, as an actress, author, and theater director. Now he’s back on TV with of little faiththe new Movistar Plus + comedy created by a screenwriter Camera Cafe It consists of 12 episodes of only 15 minutes each, which corresponds to the months of the year. She plays Berta, a kindergarten teacher frustrated with her relationship with Jose Ramón (Raul Simas), one of the most compliant jury guards.

Q: Why do you think your character Berta is unhappy with her life?

R was found. People ignore her and don’t appreciate her. Nobody likes her. She does her best to help others. To give her best.

Q: Do you think Berta and Jose Ramon got into the routine? Although the situations they live in their daily lives can be funny to the viewer.

R was found. I think routine is not the enemy of a couple. Or something unexpected arises that disrupts this routine on the part of José Ramón or sometimes it is Berta who suggests new things. The 12 seasons take place in a year where things happen that keep them from falling into a routine.

Q: It’s hard for your character to really say what he’s thinking because he prefers to look good with others, as he does with his parents. Should Berta learn to assert herself more?

R was found. Well I do not know. My task is not, however, to analyze whether the character should be otherwise. The series invites this kind of thinking because of the investigation it does into human relationships, but the answer is in your hand.

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Q: Do you think of little faith Is it a series that exploits surreal and absurd life situations? Why do you recommend watching the series among all the shows available?

R was found. In rehearsals, they gave us realistic scenes to work on the relationship between the characters, they were scenes that would not be in the series later, or perhaps a sentence or two remained in the script. I didn’t have the feeling that I was working in the realm of the surreal or the absurd. People who have watched the series say it’s so cool because you get to match with all the characters.

Q. José Ramón and Berta are not the typical couple from series and movies that live a strong love story or incredible adventures. Do you think that this is exactly what will make people sympathize with them, because they are like any other son of a neighbor?

R was found. I think they are characters who take life very seriously, and nowadays you don’t find people like that. You miss the human being when you see the series.

Q: Do you identify with the humor of Pepón Montero and Juan Midajan, the creators of of little faith And with those who have already worked in it Camera Cafe? because?

R was found. Yes, they are very good. The comedy they do walks a very fine thread and makes you laugh.

Q: Did you play the character Marie Carmen Cañizares that you played? Camera Cafe? Tired of Canizares?

R was found. Pepón Montero and Juan Maidagán made the Spain adaptations of the series. I like the way they write and I loved playing Cañizares.

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Q: What does it mean to you to participate in a series such as Camera Cafe?

R was found. I met Vasile, Ana Rosa Quintana, Kiko…

Q: They’re back with a movie, but don’t you think it’s a series that could have more life today? Considering how many novels of the past have come back recently: Baku menAnd A step forwardAnd New York sex

R was found. They killed Bernardo in the movie.

Q: Did you always know you were going to become an actress? Did you have a plan B, just in case the interpretation didn’t work?

R was found. In fact, being an actress was my mother’s Plan B. He didn’t want me to live in the simple. They called her a street whore because she broke up at the time of the move, and her boss too, which is a political position. I say this in doe, a skit I did about motherhood, both in honor of her and her misfortune. when I represented doe In Albacete, from the stage I could see all the empty ceremony seats.

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Q: Is comedy your favorite genre (to work and watch)?

R was found. Yes to everything.

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