Interview | Victor Manuel: “Acting is like going to a psychiatrist and de-stressing”

phase l Victor Manuel-It’s all. He says, between laughing, that he can’t live without the adrenaline it generates. But also, you should be aware of when you should say “until here.” At the moment, with “great enthusiasm and desire”, he is celebrating his seventy-fifth birthday with the “La vida en canciones” tour.

Does stage heal everything? If the truth. This is a phrase from a song I and I recorded in 1985 on the album Puerta de Alcalá. The song was titled “I’ll Never Be a Broken Toy”. It’s the opening song. For example, I know what I don’t want to do on stage. One of the lines I love most in the song is, “Theatre heals everything.” When we got out of the pandemic and I started singing With Restraints, it gave me that rush to see the people out there in the state they were in. I thanked them every night and all I had to do was get off the stage and kiss their feet. It was a feeling full recovery.

Have you been afraid of becoming a broken game?What happens is that I put the bandage on before the wound. I never wanted to be one, and I think since I wrote it, it’s been helpful. The problem is that maybe, in the end, it’s worthless because you’re a broken game and you don’t realize it.Have you seen a lot of these in your career?Yes, it is very difficult to disengage. First, because it’s a way of life for so many people and because they can’t guess when it stopped. And this happens when people don’t get tickets to go see you. This is a very clear indicator. It’s very hard for us to see and that’s why many have apologized to themselves that it rained that day, there’s football… There are always excuses to keep singing because this is a very attractive profession. I don’t know of any better profession than this, a job where you get applauded every three minutes. And this is very interesting. I hope to realize when my time comes.

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Why do you think so after goodbye stages SiratDo we insist on wanting to retire? Edanism in fashion. I can’t find any other argument. You have to apply the recipe book to people when they deserve it, but if you are good and want to keep singing and people want to keep seeing you, then keep it up. This is like any other profession, and if you want to keep writing, why the hell would you retire at 65? There are some deals where one does not retire or you retire under other circumstances beyond your control.

Don’t retire yet. He spoke before about the impulse that post-pandemic action had on him. What diseases did you treat stage? Do you even forget the pain of sciatica?On stage it’s amazing but nothing hurts. It’s incredible, but all evil passes. One day you may catch a bad cold that will prevent you from being your best, but nothing more. For me, it’s like going to a psychiatrist and de-stressing. I am, by nature, shy and it is difficult for me to communicate at a short distance, when I see a thousand sitting there clapping, everything goes away, and I even become extroverted. It’s a very strange thing.

Do you feel timeless through your songs?everlasting? There are songs that will stay there, but I think the impact I wrote for them and why I did it at that time will be erased. I think it is already happening. There are songs that don’t belong to you. One day I saw Revilla, the chief of Cantabria, on YouTube, dressed in Cantabrian costume, burst into singing El portal de piedra, a song of mine from 1969 that he says is a popular song. that It’s the closest thing I know to eternity, when the name gets erased and the song remains at the end.

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Do you want to feel more free at your parties and not always have to sing what the audience wants to hear?When I start the party and I have two or three songs, I tell people that that night I won’t be doing anything and they clap for them, but I also tell them that if the group of songs I’m going to sing isn’t released, I won’t be there. I totally understand the audience And the repertoire, I think, is 90% to taste because they are popular songs. And then there are three or four songs that I call “unfortunate,” songs that weren’t hits at the time, but I really like singing them.

Can this long career be summed up in a concert?It’s very difficult and you always hear someone ask about something outside the repertoire. Last Saturday a man yelled at me for “Maria Coray”, I never sang it. Known? Now everything is programmed and compiled, so it is very difficult to get the performance out; But at the same time, it makes you unable to improvise because it’s so hard to animate the lighting and sound…and with so much anger, you can’t sing it.

At a time when everything is used and thrown away, what about your music that has gone through the years, still good and not creaking?Because they are songs built and, above all, spread over the years. Layers are created in songs that, it would seem, cannot be seen but cemented. At the end of concerts, people come up to me and tell me they don’t know that they know a lot of my songs and that’s because I’ve sung in different decades and the songs are stored in my little head and from there they don’t move. My songs are not from Tiktok, they contain a base, a plot, a story that may interest you and make it stand the test of time.

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Moreover, it is letters that are the best compendium of the history of recent decades.I sing a lot for this country.

“Eternity? There comes a time when the songs stop for you”

Is your success your consistency?I think people take that into account. They see I’m not reeling, that I don’t do weird things… and I guess it all weighs on the esteem I have. I guess one lives here because of the songs. I program them and sell them on stage but if there are no songs there will be nothing else. In other words, if there were no songs there would be no coherence, there would be no music, there would be no singer, nothing.

In terms of the years, would you ever rewrite any songs?Not in general.

What do you say to someone who says there was more freedom before?That this is a lie, I do not know where they lived. I know where you lived. What happens is that they are definitely talking about something but they don’t dare to show it at all. AndThe current problem is social networks And how they are punished and hatedBut not because of non-existent censorship. On social media, there is always someone on the other side with an ax ready to kill you. It was definitely worse ever.

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Who would like to hear you sing one of your songs?To a lot of people, to Anna Belin.

another please.Well, for example, a little gem like Silvia Perez Cruz. I really love everything he does and I would eat it with kisses. She has a special sensitivity and talent that I am sure will be there in 30 years when the reggaeton soufflé disappears from the music scene. However, she will be a sweet old lady, and will continue to be admired from the stage.

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