Interview | Rosario Villagos: “I would love for men to experience women’s fear of being raped”

Catalina, the 16-year-old “good girl” who looks like Little Red Riding Hood and who knows who the wolves are and what they want from her because she’s a woman, leaves a friend’s house in an upset and, despite this, hitchhikes so her parents won’t scold her for returning late. . His adolescence will have changed in the four hours that it occurs physical education (Seix Barral), a novel set in the 90s of the last century Rosario Villagos from Córdoba (1978) won an award Abstract Library Award.

“At first she feels guilty for what happened, but then she sees that she doesn’t have to and all she thinks about is reporting abuse to her friend’s father. She wants them to believe her and her friend to know that she didn’t do anything. Many women don’t report because they know They will be abused again. “I believe you” Against La Manada de Pamplona means a turning point,” says the author, who reveals that she was a very different young woman than Catalina. She loved feeling dangerous, experimenting, and doing “sins.” I’ve taken quick trips and experienced weird situations, but I’ve been lucky because nothing ever happened to me. Well, one time, an asshole put me in a doorway and I got into a smack fight with him. Today, my weapon has been writing this novel,” warns Villagos.

We women have learned not to express anger at the violence against us

“Women’s belief that it is our fault when we suffer assault goes back centuries. They know that if you say something they will say it is your fault. Statistics say you are more likely to be raped by a grandfather, uncle, father, priest, or neighbor than by a stranger.” We have learned to think that it is you who excites you by the way you dress, by going out at night, by how you show your body. Look what happened in that student residence in Madrid, the students themselves didn’t give it any importance. I would have gone out with torches to protest!”, He also says, referring to the students who shout out the windows at the students: “You bitches, get out of your holes.”

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“a porn actress’s face”

Villagos is also indignant when he recalls how, when he was studying in Seville, his professor of fine arts told him, as he groveled in front of the whole class, “that she had the face of a porn actress.” Fortunately, he adds, “today there are many men at 8M demonstrations who also understand that patriarchy is important to them.” However, he laments that things haven’t changed much and it still works out rape culture. Alcacer’s crimes occurred in 1992, and today there are “herd” cases. “Neria Bargola, N.; The sexual microphysics of powersay what Al-Kasir case It would have been a perfect moment to respond as with Pamplona’s package: going out into the street to say ‘no’. But the way the media handled the news of these girls was a step backwards. And look today at how the issue of holes in nightclubs is handled: causing panic among women, when it’s the men who should be afraid of us. I would love for them to test our fear. They taught us not to express anger at the violence against us.”

Older women continue to stress that we give importance to the body above all else, something that weighs us down with gatherings.

Many women react by trying Do not arouse male desire. “Catalina tries to make herself look ugly by shaving her head, looking as unfeminine as possible, and being more comfortable dressing like a boy. It’s her way of protecting herself so her boyfriend’s father won’t look at her.”

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In the novel, he also talks about how to do this Older women’ keep going That we give importance to the physical matter above all else, something that charges us with complexes. I don’t even know how to take them off myself: coming out a certain way, I wonder if you have a lot of hair on your legs … It’s very difficult to remove the corset. We must say “enough”. As in 8m. It will be necessary to fight until you are 8m every day.

A flesh-colored scarf covers a cap physical education. “It’s like the one his mother Catalina wears, as she represents pressure on the female body. It is an emotional and metaphorical corset. An uncomfortable dress, according to her mother, serves to make her more “gathered”, when she means “armored”, because it is very difficult to take off the garment. She thinks that boys this way will have a harder time if they want to touch her.”

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