Interview | Ayanta Barelli, writer and daughter of Fernando Sánchez Drago

This book is written by Ayanta Bareilly, If dawn does not break (The Planet), which goes on sale today, was conceived by a woman who took four years to write it as a creature of fantasy and reality. The date itself, in which the tragedies of life and death breathe, only twenty-four hours pass. Although neither one nor the other can boast of the close kinship that unites them, here it is appropriate to say that Ayanta is the daughter of Fernando Sanchez Dragorecently deceased due to a heart attack, and therefore in unforeseen circumstances that can relate to the dramatic reality that characterizes If dawn does not break. When she sent the manuscript to her father, he said to his daughter: “I see you accompany me towards a good death.”

In the midst of the worst threat in recent times, that of Covid, the imaginary father of this leading woman, Anita, falls into the darkest of modern epidemics. She searches for help until she finds the father, ninety years old, in mortal danger. The fear of writing is transmitted to the reader as if this fear were also the manifestation of those who attend, who read, the drama experienced by Anita and, who knows, the writer who invents or conceives it. It is impossible to read all this without imagining Sanchez Drago in novel, fiction and reality at the same time, and the truly embittered daughter in the face of a reality that is not written but rather in real life.

This story you wrote It alternates from the disguised reality of death or its threat It is now an expression of what chance does to the imagination: it encapsulates and restores it as the bitter consequence of what life does to the imagination.

Reading now, including the original writing, amounts to autobiographical value. Although the details differ from those that can be assimilated in the life of the royal father, the truth is that this fear has now become a metaphor for what happened to Ayanta herself in her family.

She was 54 years old Planet Finalist reached in 2018with Dark purple sea. Other books by him year of love blood pact (written with his father) f A woman and two cats, a biography, appeared in 2021. He has directed films and theater and has a literary program on esRadio. She is also a producer and dancer. She is strong and soft at the same time, as if she were Anita from the book and who suffers from the stories she tells, including that night that is now a version of the effect it had on her as a result of her father’s death, which occurred as if fiction and reality coexisted in the dangerous climate of literature.

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Q: Where did the story come from?

R was found. I got a movie from my daughter’s father that he made from the time she was young until the age of 18. It’s a well made movie, edited, with music, in which my daughter’s growth is seen. When I saw her I was so touched and then I saw her a few more times and then I started to remember everything behind her: us as a couple, friends, family and home. And that was the spark that ignited the story of this book, the story of a father and daughter reliving situations through film.

Q: The fear of losing a father is very present here.

R was found. Yes, it is something that has accompanied me all these years. I think this happens to all of us. This is why this novel comes out in 24 Hours, in which a father and daughter reminisce about their entire lives. This means that in 24 hours 100 years of history are reconstructed.

Q: It’s even more dramatic because it coincided with your father’s death.

R was found. My father said that in life there are no accidents, but accidents. I think when we write we remove the energies, the things that are light or that are in the darkest part. It took me four years to write this novel and I gave it to my parents a few weeks ago. he read it and mldr; Look what he said to me: “I see you are taking me to a good death.” and … Then he passed away. In other words: it’s something that has no explanation, right? There are things that happen that belong to the puzzle and I accept them as such.

Q: How do you feel about the news?

R was found. It was a very spiritual experience. That day, at the Castilla y León Awards Ceremony, I read the speech he had written for the Literature Prize that they gave him. The fact of his death was very recent and I had not read those pages before I read them in front of an audience. So, as I was reading it his words were coming out of my chest and my mouth and … It was a really fun experience. And I felt completely at peace. In other words: It was a very spiritual thing for which I am grateful.

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Q: As if everything turns into some kind of concrete rain, right?

R was found. Yes that is what it is. And I see it as something very bright.

Q: Even the processor?

R was found. Yes Yes.

Q: What did your father find in the book to make him tell you that you gave him a good death with it?

R was found. well … I suppose long goodbyes, clear understanding that we leave sooner or later. I think my father was very aware of that.

My father was a captivating man, against the system by definition, and he would play games, even if other people thought he was serious.”

Q: Because of his death, a lot has been written about him. What is real and what is made up?

R was found. I haven’t read anything. Because I’m not here to read the press now. My father was a public figure and I imagine what needs to be said. But I’m not interested. I’m not interested in flattery or insults. At the moment I am interested to know who my father was to me. nothing else. My father was a captivating man, against the system by definition, and he played games, though others thought he was serious. I know many didn’t get it, but I stayed with the person he was, a person partially inside this novel.

Q: Aren’t you surprised by the parallels between this novel and real life?

R was found. well … There are things that one cannot justify. But when writing a novel, or in literature in general, it doesn’t mean that you write what happened, but rather that you write what will happen.

Q: When you heard the news, did you notice the novel?

R was found. I lost my mother when I was ten years old. So, when I found out, the first thing I noticed was my little brother, his son, who is ten years old. Then I tried to understand what happened, because it was so sudden, and I started getting thousands of messages & mldr; Then I thought about the story red slippers, by Andersen, which I always obsessed with, and then I looked at my novel and & mldr; I began to see him with some fear. But I love that he read it.

Q: How was the book uploaded? Because it is not easy to spend a whole day with this power to combine fact and fiction and mldr;

R was found. It’s 24 hours that can’t be nothing or it can be a lifetime. I am very interested in time. To write this book, I read articles on physics that talked about time. When writing, I realized that there was a desire for those twenty-four hours to never end.

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Q: It makes you think of the photo your father uploaded with a cat combing his hair hours before he died.

R was found. Yes, this is something that could have been in the novel as well. I also called him on the phone and he didn’t answer, it happened …

For me, writing is an act of faith, something totally unstructured. I write very slowly, and I need real life to flip through the pages I’m writing.

Q: Is this the first time this time frame has been imposed?

R was found. Yes, but … I just can’t explain it. I started writing, not knowing much, and then said: This should be developed within 24 hours. But I didn’t think so at first. It was something that showed up. For me, writing is an act of faith, something totally unstructured. I write so slowly, I need real life to flip through the pages I’m writing, but … I am also very patient. this is the truth. So: I need to create something that engages the reader, has a rhythm, and drives the reader. accompanying music, right?

Q: And landscapes.

R was found. Yes Yes.

Q: And a resume.

R was found. Yes, I am clearly not a dancer and my father is not a shoemaker, but & mldr; All fiction is autobiographical, right? See: I heard the football field story that appears in the novel in a pub. I am a chatterbox, I listen to other people’s conversations, and one of them used to tell us that during the war he lived on a football field and that is why he had a shower and privileges that were not common during that time. It amazed me and that’s why I snuck into this book.

Q: Were you not afraid that what you narrated would be attributed to you?

R was found. nothing. I’m used to misunderstandings, prejudice, and mldr; About my father or about my family. I’m already healed from all of that. Let everyone think what he wants.

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Q: How is Anita like you?

R was found. In the passion of dancing. When I was young I wanted to be a dancer and then I wasn’t. But with literature you can be anything. Anita is a dreamy girl like you. Anita is a woman who is able to rebuild her past and … This is what I tried to do. then … I’m Anitas.

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