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Technologies and social networks are present in all societies and with them in the lives of all people. Despite this technology trend While it is now experiencing its boom, some groups don’t seem to be entirely convinced. This is the case in AmishAnd a Religious and Protestant group Which live in certain areas of the United States and Canada, which can be said to live as they did in the past. Neither electricity nor automobiles, only crops and animals, is what this small community is built upon.

But in the first place, This society rejects technology Out of respect for tradition, as living without electricity eliminates most of modern society, as there is no light or internet. For what the life of the Amish Spain gives to technological societies and to the many developments.

What can’t the Amish do?

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Within this community, there are some uses related to technology bannedAs is using a mobile phone. According to their rules, using the phone is a symbol of rudeness. The reason for rejecting these technologies is that the traditions of society prevail. Yusuf Khawlani Manjur (Technical Support, Microserver Group) explains: Amish They do not reject technology or the modern world per se, but only “mundane technologies” that do not serve to do productive work for society.

On the other hand, there are other things like credit cards They end up rejecting her when they see that she causes trouble expenses and debts. Although it is true that communities have community phones in remote booths only for making calls, but as far as mobile phones are concerned, these devices are a separate case as they do not respect the traditions of the community Amish.

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