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The main mobile operators providing their services in Spain ran into trouble on Friday morning. According to the DownDetector page that specializes in collecting internet-related incidents, complaints have spiked at 9am involving Movistar, Vodafone, Jazztel, Orange, Simyo, Yoigo, and others.

DownDetector graph with the number of accidents recorded in the Movistar service.
DownDetector graph with the number of accidents recorded in the Movistar service.

The incidents, whose volume began to decrease from 12 in the morning, include problems with calling, sending messages and using the Internet. The first reports came from Orange users. A few minutes later, the same thing happened with Movistar and Vodafone. Later, problems were recorded on many other operators: Jazztel, Simyo, Lowi, Yoigo, MásMóvil, PepePhone.

The outage affected both the wired and wireless internet and the telephone signal, although each operator had its own problems. In the case of Movistar, 44% of user incidents relate to fixed internet, while in Orange, 74% of complaints relate to the lack of a telephone line. This latter operator reported at 1:30pm that their services had been fully restored.

As Vodafone’s sources explained to EL PAÍS, in the case of this operator it is an accident unrelated to its systems: the cuts would be the result of maintenance work carried out by two companies that produced a “large cut in the fibers of the trunk”. In the case of the aforementioned operator, the effects of the reductions will be present mainly in the provinces of Murcia, Almeria and Granada and have been observed on mobile phones (when making and receiving calls and when using the Internet). Vodafone and Orange have a network sharing agreement in that region, so the problems experienced by users of the French company will be similar.

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Endesa, the provider of Orange’s fiber optic network in the region, recorded two accidents in its cables at dawn on Friday, the company confirms to this newspaper. Some sources say that rodents may have damaged the cables, although this has not been confirmed. Reintel, which is owned by Red Electrica and another fiber provider from Orange, has also had problems.

Sources familiar with the incident say that the combination of both events has caused Orange networks to be overloaded and left without service, which in turn affects the rest of the operators. Everything was back to normal before 2 in the afternoon.

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