Internet | Dangers of connecting WIFI to TV

To this day, the techniques They continue to advance in all aspects, especially in those related to the Internet. Thanks to the many platforms on the market, we have a very wide content on demand and, for some, very practical. We don’t have anything to see anymore TVs available All kinds of digital channels and platforms and even wireless communications.

A very common thing now is to have a connected tv This is the famous one SmartTV is connected to WiFi from home or with an Ethernet cable, which plugs into the back of the TV. While this may be a luxury for many, the truth is that the experts on the subject have ensured that it is Not recommended Connect a TV to your home WiFi. In fact, what they propose is to provide Internet access using the cable that allows it Connect the TV to your home router.

What is the reason why Smart TV is not connected to WiFi?

Despite the fact that all users find it the most comfortable option, what they don’t know is that the connection established is much less efficient. from hereIts low speed may destroy the image quality When watching a movie on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney+.

On the other hand, the consequence of a bad connection is that the SmartTV does not update properly, which is a case It puts your computer at risk of getting a virus which may endanger the operation of the device.

Another reason why some experts do not recommend connecting a Smart TV to WiFi is that this option can be created negative consequences when playing video games online, Because it will slow down their gameplay and can get really annoying in the middle of a game.

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What’s the solution?

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So that these inconveniences do not happen, it is better to connect the TV to ethernet cable, Because this ensures that the team has it at all times Fast and stable internet connection. This is the only way to get rid of poor image quality problems when viewing any content.

Some specialists suggest buying Long enough wire So that the TV is directly connected to the router and make the device have a good connection. Although, if it is not possible to achieve a cable connection to the TV, what the experts recommend is to locate a repeater antenna in order to improve the WiFi.

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