International Publishers Conference | Publishers in Europe and Latin America sign the Madrid Declaration in Defense of Freedom of Communication

Madrid hosted it from February 7-10 Sixth International Conference of Media Editors EU-Latin Americaa meeting that was the scene of discussion between forty professionals from the media sector in the European Union and Latin America, and brought together the collections editors, media managers and journalists of the highest standing from both continents.

European and Latin American publishers distinguished themselves in the sixth edition of this conference Javier Mol and Arantza SarasolaPresident and Vice President Iberian pressFor their work and profession as editors since 1978 in the interest of press freedom and quality information.

under the heading How do we build a new sustainable communication model?Congress addressed the current major issues in this sector such as the information epidemic, and False news Or euphoria, in the middle of the economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and the interruption of artificial intelligence. The meeting paid special attention to the social development in the countries of Latin America and Europe, and made it possible to analyze related issues such as freedom of the press and political stability in Europe and Latin America.

Madrid Declaration

As a final touch to the Congress in attendance Signed the Madrid Declaration, which includes the professionals’ expressed desire to continue to contribute to social, cultural, and economic well-being. This document, which will be transmitted to the European Commission and the European Parliament, recognizes the information as An inalienable right of all people And an essential tool to ensure democracy, freedom, equality, culture, science, peaceful coexistence and development rdquor;

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The Madrid Declaration considers that “information is essential in Denounce violence, to the forces that cause ideological persecution, dictatorships in general, mafia and terrorism in particular, as well as the pressures of economic actors who, with their power, condition journalistic content & rdquor; The letter asks that journalists be protected in the practice of the profession to be able to “guarantee the right to responsible information for citizens, away from entertainment speeches and discrimination.”

Reference groups and media

Precedents of this professional meeting exist in Spain, Germany, Colombia, Valencia and Santiago de Chilewhich has managed to bring together contact personalities from both sides of the Atlantic, with medium participation from media outlets such as Clarion And Nation from Argentina; the reason from Bolivia; the Brazilian Folha group; Mercury from Chile; the time And Republic from Colombia; the extra set from Costa Rica; Media in Mexico Reformation Millennium Group; the a star And the press from Panama; ABC color from Paraguay; Albavisión from the United States; Germans “Axel Springer” and Die Felt; Europe’s agency Here is Europe from Brussels; Il FluglioAnd El sole 24 ore and RAI from Italy; Gazeta Weborcza from Poland; he Newspaper and TSF Radio from Portugal; and Spanish groups and media such as Prensa Ibérica, Agencia EFE, Europa Press, the world also Diplomaamong others.

Sixth International Publishers Conference It was in the special presence of Sevgil Musaeva, editor Ukrainian Pravdawhich revealed the difficulties journalists currently face working in Ukraine at war.

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Among the most prominent interventions made by Ambassador for the Special Mission for Hybrid Threats and Cyber ​​Security, Nicolas Pascual de la Partewhich took an in-depth look at the global geopolitical situation and the war in Ukraine.

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Florian Nehm, Head of European Union Affairs at Axel Springer, and María Rosa Tapia, Director of the Private Law Department at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, explain the keys to European press law. This standard, once approved, will be mandatory. in the twenty-seven member states of the European Union.

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