Interesting Facts From the Gangster Story in the ‘PEAKY BLINDERS’ Series

Interesting Facts From the Gangster Story in the 'PEAKY BLINDERS' Series

Here are 5 Interesting Facts From the Gangster Story in the ‘PEAKY BLINDERS’ Series

You must have often seen films that focus on stories in the 1900s. But nothing beats a crime drama like PEAKY BLINDERS, with its attention to detail in the 1920s city of Birmingham at the height of its industrial development.

Follows the fictional family of Shelby on their journey into the ranks of Britain’s social elite. You can see actors with their accents building gambling, smuggling to horse betting in building their wealth in the criminal world.

Presenting the hustle and bustle of street gangs, the PEAKY BLINDERS series has many interesting facts. From star Cillian Murphy who smokes a surprising amount of cigarettes to creator Stephen Knight who takes aspects of Western films, let’s take a look at these interesting facts about PEAKY BLINDERS.

1. Cillian Murphy Smokes 1,000 Cigarettes In One Season
Not PEAKY BLINDERS without a neat suit, newsboy hat, neatly shaved haircut, and cigarettes that seem to never run out. All of these things have become an obligation to present the aura of this series.

Quoted from Esquire, Cillian Murphy is estimated to smoke 1,000 cigarettes in just one season. Luckily, the cigarettes are supplied by the prop department and are made from plants, so they don’t contain any harmful carcinogens.

2. Alfie Solomons and May Carleton Married In Real World
Although the characters Alfie Solomons and May Carleton come from different backgrounds and have never appeared together in the series, actors Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are actually a genuine couple outside of the series. The pair first met in 2009 on the set of the period drama WUTHERING HEIGHTS.

Alfie and May are characters introduced in the second season of PEAKY BLINDERS. Tom plays a Jewish crime boss while Charlotte is a recently widowed racehorse owner.

3. Peaky Blinders Was Meant To Compare High-end British Period Dramas
Cillian Murphy described PEAKY BLINDERS as a working-class drama when he appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, “the British upper class has been very well represented.” Indeed, there have been many British period dramas, films and televisions which have often focused on high society.
By presenting working class life in one of Europe’s largest industrial centers at the turn of the 20th century, viewers familiar with British period dramas will gain a unique perspective that has never been seen before.

4. Cillian Murphy Thinks Tommy Shelby Will Die
In an interview with GQ, Cillian Murphy had assumed his character would be told to die. This happened when he read the script for the end of season 2 which was about a dying Tommy.

Tommy Shelby is told that he is not afraid to die after his time in the trenches of World War I, he sees death as liberation. PEAKY BLINDERS wouldn’t be the same without Tommy Shelby, especially since Murphy’s character has become the central character.

5. Peaky Blinders Have a Western Aspect
Quoted from History Extra, creator and lead author Stephen Knight explains that America depicts working class people in cowboy stories, no story is the same in England, except for stories that feature knights in armor.”

The western aspect in the PEAKY BLINDERS series is intentional. Even the opening scene has a western aspect to it when Tommy Shelby comes to town on horseback like every cowboy hero in a Western movie. He wants Birmingham to have the same lawlessness as the Wild West.

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