Instagram starts allowing programming posts from the app itself

Instagram has announced in-app post scheduling, which will allow users to schedule their posts without having to turn to other apps like Instagram. CreatorStudio (from META) or third party services.

Hence the platform facilitates programming, within the application itself, Reels, pictures and rotors within a period of up to 75 days. Something that is already rolling out to content creators and businesses.

To schedule content, users no longer need to go to Creator Studio or other applications, as they can access this feature through the option ‘Advanced Configuration’ Once they create their post and go to share it.

Within this configuration, they will have to click ‘Schedule this post Select the time and date when you want to share the content. The next step will be to choose the desired post and click on “Schedule”.

In addition, scheduled publications can be viewed in the section “scheduled content” Which can be accessed through the dropdown menu inside the user profile.

As explained by Instagram, the functionality will be available to users registered as Companies and content creatorsbut it is not known if it will be a feasible option in the future for regular users.


On the other hand, the Meta platform has also launched a “Achievements“in order to”rollersThis implementation is also for creators trying to get ahead Unlock Achievements When you do some specific actions.

Such actions can range from collaborating with another profile creator or creating interactive “reels” using surveys and quizzes. Creation of more than one ‘reel’ per week will also be granted. Thus, the app will notify creators when they have achieved one of the ‘achievements’ and will also report how many ‘achievements’ they can achieve.

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We issued ‘Achievements’ for effort reward Which the creators put in their “reels” global test”Instagram added in a caption “post” on its social network.

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