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In summer and spring, mites and various flying insects lurk in our bulbs and we don’t know why. These can be very annoying if we are doing an activity or simply enjoying ourselves in the pool or in the garden at home. But the truth is, mosquitoes are not attracted to light as everyone thinks, but rather to the smells of our bodies and the heat we give off. However, other insects such as Moths, bees and butterflies are attracted to it for the lamp.

Insects are attracted to light

The reasons most flying insects are attracted to light, such as moths, fireflies, bees or butterflies, for two reasons: They confuse artificial light with moonlight which allows them to orient themselves and the light tells them the path is clear.

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Although many experts claim that the main reason is this They confuse this brightness with the luster of the moon. In addition, the light that most attracts insects is white and yellow, and it just so happens that these colors are the most used in homes and gardens.

Although we already know that insects are attracted to light colors, white and yellow, it should be noted that there is a light type that is difficult to attract insects at all. According to an American study presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference, the light bulb that attracts the least insects is the light bulb. colored lights warm. With this you can prevent insects from bothering you a lot and enjoy the outdoors without any disturbance.

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