ING customers will no longer be able to withdraw money for free from CaixaBank ATMs

cash withdraw In the automated teller machine is one of the The most common operations. He’s there when he’s on The occasions are banking entities They charge commissions for their clients. From today February 1st G clients They will no longer be able to withdraw money from CaixaBank ATMs for free. This new change is due to the expiration of the agreements that CaixaBank had with ING for commission-free cash withdrawals at old Bankia terminals.

Fee for withdrawing money from CaixaBank

from today, Feb 1Client ING who want to withdraw money At a CaixaBank ATM They will have to commission payment From 2, 5 euros for each operation performed. These changes part of the merger what did he do Bankia with CaixaBank, in which they explained it They will leave these agreements in effect within 18 months. Term that ended on the first day of February.

Withdraw money from other banks

You need cash for you The institution you have been to or to which you want to go does not charge a fee by card, but you don’t have an ATM nearby to get money from it. when this happens to you, The uncertainty of knowing how much they will charge you for withdrawing money keeps you away At a bank teller not for you. These are some of the conditions in other banks:

Evo Bank

Customers of this bank can withdraw money for free, without conditions, from these ATMs:

  • EVO seat

  • EURO 6000 net seat Except for Caixabank

  • Rural Fund

  • Bank

  • ATMs in Airports, metro stations or gas stations

  • Any distributor in the country, as long as a with a minimum of 120 euros


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The entity does not charge a fee for using any of the ATMs in the national territory. Although there are some limitations.

  • Three free withdrawals per month: Entities Bankinter, Caja de Ingenieros, Bankia, Banco Sabadell, EURO 6000. Only in the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, La Rioja, Aragon, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Community of Valencia, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Madrid, Burgos, Segovia, Avila, Cordoba, Granada, Las Palmas and Ceuta.

  • Three extractions per month for free at any ATM Only in Huelva, Seville, Navarra, Melilla and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Commissions in foreign banks

yes You are going to travel and plan to get money In foreign banks, you should know this:

  1. If, for example, you want Withdraw 30 euros And your bank will charge you 3%, you’ll have to Pay €0.90.

  2. Fixed minimum amount in EUR: These commission tours The three eurosbut it is always higher with credit card from debit card.

  3. At ATMs of the same bank as you: your being They will not be able to charge you more than what actually applies to you when you are in Spain.

  4. At ATMs of other entitiesThe commission may not be higher than what you would pay in Spain Withdraw from ATMs of other banks.

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