‘Inflation’: Singles in Spain say talking about money is no longer taboo

  • Bumble’s study showed that Spaniards no longer consider money a “taboo” topic in dating

  • The widespread increase in the cost of living has spawned a new trend known as “explicit cash dating”.

The advent of the new year is accompanied by frequent talk about the state of inflation that overwhelms today’s society. This has caused a static High prices for daily productsbut it also had an interesting and unexpected effect on how people talk about money on dates.

Bumble, the dating app where women make the first move, has discovered that the widespread rise in the cost of living has led to The new trend known as Explicit Cash DatingWhich defines honesty and ease when talking about money with your date.

A study conducted by this company revealed that talking about Personal economic status on a date is no longer a taboo. In fact, this research shows that more than one in three (36%) Spaniards naturally like to talk about money in these meetings, and this is even more true among women (41%) and Gen X (40%).

Low cost dating

This transparency when it comes to talking about finances on dates has led to Rise in “Dating Where Less Is More”that is, dating with little or no cost, which ultimately makes people feel more comfortable and less pressured when it comes to meeting up, because this type of dating no longer means you have to spend a lot of money.

This is especially important, as one in four people (28%) confirm this Set certain financial boundaries around your love life. This does not mean that we have fewer dates, but the classic format is changing. Bumble’s study reports that the majority (62%) of Hispanics on the app are He’s more interested in a casual date than something fancy or expensive. In fact, over the past two years, only one in five (19%) say they like lavish first dates.

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“There’s nothing wrong with saying you’re on a budget, suggesting you split the check, or going on a less important date. Being more transparent about money can lead to a better date because you’ll feel less pressured to spend beyond your means, and you’ll understand, too. Whether you share the same values ​​when it comes to money and spending,” he says. Alba DuranDirector of Marketing, Bumble Spain.

Ideas for your dates

Also, if you are looking for ideas for secret dates, the app offers you some ideas depending on the likes you have on your profile:

  1. in most foodie a A good low budget gourmet option Neighborhood market stalls. In large cities there are many such spaces available for all budgets and for gastronomic connoisseurs. It will be a great environmental surprise to find out that they will leave your date with their mouths (and tastebuds) open.

  2. The most sporty can, too bet on Outdoor sports session. In various outdoor venues in the city, ski meetings, yoga classes, and runs are organized. Invite him to your favorite gym class, and see if I can keep up.

  3. If what made you match is yours Craving for adventure, prepare a path through the nearest mountains, have a good walk and all set to discover the surroundings of your city together. So you can share one of your passions, spending very little budget.

  4. For art lovers, or Holick’s artthe match can be a technical way through the last eFree city fairs. Set up a Cooltoreta plan for your life and head out with vermouth at your favorite bar.

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