Inflation forces the biggest corporate closures in Spain in the past three decades

All indications point to the fact that the corrosive effect of inflation no longer escapes any edge producing tissues. In this case, the figure related to the creation and destruction of companies is responsible for the damage caused by the price crisis in companies, which have seen production costs rise sharply in the past year, narrowing margins even more if possible. According to the National Institute of Statistics, last year closed 2022 with 2% fewer companies created than the previous year and an increase in closings of 10%.

Specifically, the number of companies closed total hit 26207It is the highest number since the beginning of the historical series in 1995. While the number of new Trading companies added a total 99,067 Compared to more than 101,000 companies created in 2021.

With the decline recorded in 2022, the establishment of companies goes back to negative rates Having jumped 27.8% in 2021 after the end of pandemic-related restrictions. In 2020, the year of Covid, business creation decreased by 15.7%, while in 2019 it decreased by 1.2%.

19.5% of the trading companies created last year were dedicated to it commerce and 16.9% on real estate, financial and insurance activities. Regarding dissolved companies by main economic activity, 19.1% were owned by trade and 16.4% by construction.

communities with The greatest creation of commercial companies in the entire year 2022 Community of Madrid (22,834), Catalonia (18,977) and Andalusia (17,188). On the contrary, those who have created the least are La Rioja (395), Comunidad Foral de Navarra (738) and Cantabria (758).

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Regarding trading companies dissolvedwere the communities with the highest number of melts Community of Madrid (8,842), Andalusia (3,988) and the Valencian Community (2,177). Conversely, the autonomous communities with the fewest commercial corporations dissolved were Comunidad Foral de Navarra (91), La Rioja (175) and Cantabria (306).

More than a hundred daily closures

in it last month of last year 8,258 commercial companies were created, 1.6% less than the same month in 2021, with a subscribed capital of over €527 million (+61.8% yoy) and an average subscribed capital of €63,870 (+64.5%).

In December, 2,557 companies increased their capital, which is 3.8% less than in the same month of 2021, but the subscribed capital in these increases increased by 40.4%, to 2,415.3 million euros, while the average capital increased by 45.9%. On a yearly basis, it stands at €944,594.

The number of trading companies resolved in December It was 3,235, up 6% from the same month in 2021, meaning an average of 104 businesses disappeared each day.

In monthly terms (December 2022 compared to November of the same year), the number of new companies decreased by 5.3%, which is the largest decrease in December since 2018. Dissolved companies increased by 22% in the last month of the yearwhich is the smallest rise this month in at least five years.

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