“Infiesto”, the movie shot in Asturias that became the most watched on Netflix Spain and the fourth worldwide

Writer-director Paci Amizkwa is a happy man. your movie “infested”, filmed in the Principality of Asturias, reigns supreme on Netflix. It is the most popular title in Spain on the platform and in other countries it is very well positioned. Amezcua, who is married to a woman from Miere and regularly vacations in Tapia, said yesterday to La Nueva España, of the Prensa Ibérica group, that we are fourth in the world, “the top three in countries like France, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and mldr; amazing “.

Although the story It occurs almost entirely in the mining basinThe working title “Infiesto” was kept because, according to Amezcua, “Netflix loves the title. The same thing happened to me.” A stunning success for a film that starts from a traditional police premise – two police officers investigate mysterious disappearances – and sets it in an unusual setting: an Asturian mining basin during the onset of an alarm that has trapped residents in their homes and brought pain and death to homes and tenements.

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“I am very happy,” the director admits. It’s no exaggeration” to see that the film does well. I was very happy with the result we achieved with the film, a work of genre, detective, style, with a unique location like Asturias. This happiness of getting closer to what I had in mind before filming.. Now see that it works well and that it is seen not only in Spain but all over the world It’s a bit confusingas in countries as different as Brazil, France or Vietnam following it en masse.

satisfaction andTeam pride Who made the film and about the work that contributed to making the film.” Convinced that “Asturias gives us luck. We really enjoyed our stay there and I would be very happy if these Asturian landscapes which are seen by so many people from all over the world would attract anyone who comes to Spain to visit and decides to come to Asturias to see them.”

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