Ine Calvino unions alert to problems with IPC or EPA if staffing shortages are not resolved

Lack of staff Seriously harm effective compliance with general statistical activity That the law has been entrusted to the National Institute of Statistics, an activity entailing the implementation of large-scale statistical operations and indisputable consequences for the social, economic and political performance of our country, from demographic and economic statistics, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Price Index, to the formation and administration of the electoral census. For the head of government, Nadia Calvino, on her table is a letter from the workers’ committees warning her sternly about the problems in the work of the Statistical Institute that could generate a staff shortage that has lasted for years.

The letter, dated 13 March, condemns “Critical situation” that because of a shortage of personnel And the strong aging of the workforce led the National Statistical Institute to convene a meeting at the highest level to try to resolve the situation.

Attention is drawn to the data on the development of the staff of the Statistical Institute. Within a decade, INS has lost nearly 30% of its workforce which it brought back in 2012, 4,175 workers. According to the last report of the organization, corresponding to 2021, it now barely exceeds 3,000 soldiers, and if the rate of loss of personnel continues in recent years, it will indeed be less than this number last year.

“naturally It affects the daily work of the institute and the preparation of statistics “, explains Jesús Guerrero Titos, Secretary General of the CC.OO union section. He stresses that “in recent years there has been a great loss of personnel, the workforce is aging and we cannot forget that the National Statistical Institute is carrying out a very important activity “.

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Warning signals

In fact, this is not the first time the matter has been brought to light. The union that brings together the state’s top body of statisticians has already decried the situation in 2018 – when the National Statistical Institute had 400 more employees than now – and has focused its case on talent flightdue to the absence of economic incentives for NIS staff, and the loss of knowledge that would cause the most experienced statistician to retire.

The chance, or causality, wanted the discussion to coincide in time with the moment when the reliability of public statistics was being questioned by the academic field and even by the government itself, both for Strong corrections were applied to the GDP growth data Nor is the supposed lack of wisdom in national accounts and the consumer price index to transform strong swings in prices or in economic growth in highly turbulent contexts such as those of recent years.

“he was there image deterioration But also for the conditions in which the work is carried out,” acknowledges a CC.OO spokesperson.

Comments from the Higher Council for Statistics, an advisory body in which trade unions, business organizations, university experts or analysts are represented, also highlighted the scarcity of INS resources as one of the main problems of the national statistical system. Even INS tried to solve this problem by trying to compensate for the lack of resources. Further exploitation of information sources provided by third partiessuch as private companies or administrative sources of other bodies to manage.

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