Independent communities where you can buy a home with no down payment

With inflation skyrocketing and having a direct impact on the rental price, many people are considering buying a home.

When buying a home, the first thing you need is to have it certain level of savings Since most banks will not finance 100% of the purchase, however At least 20% of this purchase It will come out of your pocket. However, as the “HelpMyCash” portal points out, there are some specific situations in which banks can They are willing to fund 100% of the operation.

Out of the gate, they recommend that it is best to assume that with 20% savings for Avoid risksBecause the indebtedness is also greater. In addition, in the event that the bank will finance 100% of the house, the buyer will also have to do so. against sales expenses and various associated taxes.

On the other hand, some autonomous communities also offer funding aids Almost everyone housing purchase. It comes to The programs consist of collateral Many are subject to age and income requirements.

Community of Madrid

In July 2022, the Community of Madrid introduced the Primera Vivienda programme. As specified on their website, the prerequisite is that you are under the age of 35. To facilitate up to 95% of your first mortgage.

The Community of Madrid has signed an agreement with Caixabank, Santander and Ibercaja. This is an initiative with a budget of 18 million euros and mortgage loans will be provided in an amount greater than 80% and up to 95% of the value of the property, as long as It does not exceed 390 thousand euros Taking into account the appraisal value or purchase price. In addition, those interested must prove legal residence in the Community of Madrid without interruption. during the past two years You will not be able to own another property in Spain.

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Murcia region

In October 2021, Fernando López Meras, president of the Region of Murcia, stated that the region would fully finance “the purchase of the first home for young people”. However, as stated on the portal of the region itself, this is not exactly the case. Indeed, what Murcia offers is a Collateral line covering up to 20% of appraised value from home so that the bank can cover up to 100%.

It is a program aimed at people under the age of 35. This means that you do not have to contribute 20% towards the income because, in case of impossibility, the regional government will take care of this amount. The affiliated entities are Cajamar, Bankinter, Caja Rural Central and Caja Rural Regional and any type of home can be purchased using The maximum value is 175,000 euros. The maximum required income would be 5.4 times the general multiple-effects income index, which is used to award aid.


La Rioja also has plans to Financing up to 100% In agreement signed with Laboral Cotexa, Bankia, Abanca and Ibercaja. As indicated in the housing portal website, “the basic amount of the loan It will be 80% of the appraised value It may be increased, at the discretion of the Entity, up to 100% with a maximum purchase price.” To access these terms, you must be under 30 years of age.


In October 2022, Francina Armengol, President of the Balearic Islands, announced that a year guarantee would be launched from the archipelago to enter the first house. According to the president’s announcement, it will be automatic guarantee up to 20% and entering the first mortgage Housing less than 270,000 euros. However, at the moment, there are no other details known about when the software will be launched.

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In the case of Andalusia, society announced at the beginning of 2023 a new mechanism to help access the purchase of housing for people under the age of 35. It consists of a guarantee Young people up to 15% of the mortgage loan so that they have up to 95% Financing from the Bank and will be applied to homes up to €295,000.

and other communities?

Other communities are also offering housing market aid, Helpmychash notes.

This is assistance related to reductions in the payment of fees such as property transfer tax or tax on notarized legal acts.

And if I don’t meet the conditions?

Most of these measures have age conditions. In fact, almost all of them are aimed at young people aged 36 or over, depending on each autonomy.

However, there are specific conditions under which 100% real estate financing can be obtained, according to the portal. They recommend hiring the services of financial experts who know the sector inside and advise where to go.

They also indicated that other entities have the flexibility to finance 100% if what is purchased is one of their homes. Other options are to negotiate with the bank and Demonstration of great personal solvencyadditional warranties or obtaining an appraisal above the purchase value.

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