In the forty meters that separate the borders of Poland and Ukraine

“What’s your name. Nice to meet you. Please, miss,” it sounds on the Polish radio station RadioZet, one of the few frequencies that can be tuned in the 40-meter stretch that separates the borders of Poland from those of Ukraine. The pass is in the city of Krakowice, and from the European side, it takes Crossing the two countries’ controls an average of seven hours, which will total no more than a hundred metres. On the right bank, the line of freight trucks is endless. On the left side are cars and buses. The radio continues to play. “Whistle,” directed by Jax Jones and Callum Scott, continues , normalizing the fact of crossing the border to a country that has been fighting the Russian invasion for almost a year.Inside this Nissan car in which ten Spanish aid workers from the NGO Help to Ukraine (HTU) are traveling, there is also calm.This is the sixth time that the organization has crossed the border Since the beginning of the war No news – US raises Russian invasion of Ukraine to a ‘crime against humanity’ Rosalia Sanchez US State Department claims to have cataloged and documented 30,600 cases of war crimes in all this time HTU diversifies work according to needs a Ukraine. When the war broke out, one hundred volunteers of the organization (eighty in Ukraine and twenty in Spain) took about 600 people, including Spanish and Ukrainian citizens, out of the country. They located the missing and brought all kinds of humanitarian items here. They also implemented a system of medical consultations in the areas most affected by the Russian bombing, where they were able to provide health coverage for 5,000 Ukrainians. First stop: Lviv On this new journey, HTU is transporting four tons of humanitarian aid in a fluorescent yellow truck that left Oviedo four days ago. It is led by Javier Fernandez, founder of the NGO. A little over a year ago, after Vladimir Putin invaded, he met Carlos Fernandez. Together they started collaborating to help the friends they had in Ukraine and this is how the HTU was born, which started with just over €8,000 that they got thanks to donations from friends and family. This is a lot in times of war. Ukraine welcomes us with rain. At half past five in the afternoon, it’s already dark. In Lviv, the first stop on this trip, traffic lights don’t work. A university town in Ukraine, in the Kryivka district, where the pubs are. Young men come and go from gambling dens that are open until eleven because of the curfew. People here live a normal life in a city that, two days ago, was once again under Russian air strikes.

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