In hospital in Madrid | Vargas Llosa is hospitalized for the second time in Madrid due to COVID-19

he Spanish Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa87, has been hospitalized in Madrid with COVID-19 Since last Saturday, the second time the writer has been admitted due to this illness, his sons reported on Monday in a message on Twitter.

A brief statement signed by Álvaro, Gonzalo, and Morgana Vargas Llosa confirmed that the Nobel Prize for Literature (2010) “has been hospitalized since Saturday after being diagnosed with COVID-19” and confirmed that they made it public. “In light of the media’s interest in the state of health” of the educated

The veteran writer, who is hospitalized in Madrid, the city where he usually resides, was in Peru a few weeks ago to attend private activities, when he was seen accompanied by his children and ex-wife Patricia Llosa.

His children added that “He is treated by excellent professionals and accompanied by his family” She asked the media to “respect her privacy at this time”.

A few weeks ago, Peruvian lawyer and former Prime Minister Pedro Catriano published a photo of Vargas Llosa signing his affiliation with the new People’s Libertad Party, an act he described as an “honor”.

Last May, Vargas Llosa expressed his interest Spending extended periods of time in the Dominican Republic Prior to this decision, the President of that country, Luis Abenader, asked him to accept Dominican citizenship.

The award-winning novelist described Abinader’s government as “clever and sensible” in the context of Latin America “She’s going through some very difficult times.”.

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Vargas Llosa became the first Spanish-speaking writer to enter the Académie Française last February, and emphasized in his speech that “thanks to France”, where he began writing some of his most remarkable novels, he discovered “the other Latin America”.

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In April 2022, Vargas Llosa was hospitalized for several days with COVID-19 in a Madrid hospital.

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