“I’ll Never Drink Again”: Myths and Tips for Overcoming a Hangover

Isn’t mixing different types of alcohol better? Should you drink water between drinks? Do we have to eat a lot before taking the elbow to “soak”? If on any other Sunday you wake up with a headache caused by excessive consumption of spirits, write these tricks down and forget about the classic tricks if you want to avoid a horrible hangover.

You wake up any Sunday with a hoarse voice, a thick mouth, and a terrible headache. “I’m not drinking again”, a great lie, to a greater or lesser degree, we were able to tell. Dizziness, nausea and general fatigue invade your body the day after the party. The fuck has arrived Hangover. The usual signs of excessive alcohol intake are well known. And the unpleasant feeling it causes him has a very simple solution: Do not drink alcoholic beverages.

We know that avoiding alcohol is the best option to avoid feeling sick the next day, but it’s not always possible. You party, you’re with friends, and you drink without thinking about the consequences. We do not intend to encourage consumption, whose long-term effects on our bodies are more than just a concern, we leave you with a series of tricks that we can use to relieve a hangover.

What is a hangover?

A hangover is not a disease, but a set of sensations that we then experience Consume a lot of alcoholAs our bodies try to absorb and expel toxins. It covers a whole gamut of different symptoms: dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting, general malaise, weakness of the body, lack of concentration …

The main cause of the discomfort caused is drying. The liver must produce residues that are generated as a result of obtaining alcohol. When the substances that make up alcohol decompose, toxic or toxic substances are produced that are responsible for the symptoms.

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they Duration is variable It largely depends on the total amount ingested. As is common sense and in general, the more alcohol you consume, the longer you will feel good. The passing of the hours is our best ally when it comes to soothing the harmful symptoms of a hangover, which It can last up to about 24 hours. There are also other characteristics that determine its duration and severity, such as Age, gender or physical condition.

Myths about drinking

Like any common problem, the discomfort caused by alcohol consumption involves a series of common remedies that are not always right. About the phenomenon of excessive alcohol intake, there Tricks and legends It’s not necessarily harmful, but we should shrug it off from our imaginations so we don’t trust each other.

Mixing drinks worse

“I only go for wine, because if I had a glass and I mixed up the hangover, it would be worse.” False, there is no scientific evidence to support this statement. The culprit of your hangover is not Mix different types of alcohol, but the total amount consumed. A couple of beers, a little wine, the drinks, the last shot… The combination of rum and gin won’t make you feel bad. Before that, think about everything you drank and stopped before, whether you’re going to mix or not.

Recover with more alcohol when you’re hungry

Another classic myth is that it’s good to have a little beer the next day to feel better. Does more alcohol help with it? abstinence syndrome? this is not true. At most, more drinking will help us drink again, so we’ll notice fewer symptoms (or a bit more, depending on how it affects our bodies). So if you drink alcohol to beat a hangover, all you will do is delay it and even exacerbate it. Best liquid to drink after a good kujurza Water or other isotonic drinks that help replenish electrolytes.

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Fall asleep faster to wake up better

While it is true that rest is generally good for recovery body wellnessWe should be careful to do this when we are drunk. Alcohol usually helps sleep, but this is not a good quality. In addition, the organs slow down during sleep, which makes the liver take longer to get rid of the harmful toxins provided by alcoholic beverages. Stay awake for a while, I hope so “Let’s get down” from cogorzaThen deep rest is the best option.

prophylactic paracetamol

You go out, with the idea of ​​drinking, and take paracetamol With the idea of ​​”sleeping” on the pain receptors and not waking up with a headache. Bad idea: This drug affects the liver, which is responsible for removing toxins from alcohol, which can lead to infection liver damage. Also, its effects will already wear off the next morning, so it won’t help prevent a hangover.

Tips to avoid a hangover

Light drinks are better than dark drinks

The gin before the rum? Vodka is better than whiskey? Although it seems like a typical legend, the truth is that Dark drinks cause worse hangovers From the obvious. This is due to Like-minded people, some ingredients that add part of their flavor to distilled drinks, but also add to the effect of the next day’s jitters. These ingredients are more concentrated in cognac, red wine, rum or whiskey, while white wine, gin or vodka contain them in smaller quantities. However, this should not be taken as an absolute principle: You will not avoid waste If you go too far with vodka, it might be obvious.

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drink a lot of water

As a general rule, drink water It relieves the main side effects of alcohol consumption. during tailings, dries the body, so getting back what was lost is the key to feeling better. Drinking water in short sips continuously helps to overcome all types of headaches, including headaches that occur the day after bingeing. It also helps to eat foods that contain a lot of water such as some Fruits and vegetables. Isotonic drinks, as noted before, are also a good way to hydrate ourselves, in addition to restoring lost minerals.

Eat a lot until you “soak”

Folk knowledge that you eat enough before drinking alcohol (“soak”) Not far from the truth, but in terms. Carbs and Proteins Yes, fats and sugars not so much. Thus, the body absorbs alcohol more slowly, making it easier to phase it out and reducing alcohol problems the next day. Lost energy is restored with pasta and cereals that prevent hypoglycemia, while fruits and vegetables rich in fructose help hydrate us. On the contrary, sweets and fatty hamburgers are not the best idea, because they hinder the activity of the liver.

Moderately and little by little

But without a doubt, the best advice for avoiding discomfort after a binge is the simplest: Drink in moderation and calmly. Don’t bother. Learn about our limits and restrictions. It’s the only way to completely avoid the dreaded hangover.

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