IKEA’s gripping youth novelty: “I paid 5 euros for 100 things”

IKEA is one of the furniture chains with the largest number of customers across the country. Its success has been based largely on both its sales method and its timeless classic and other more innovative models. In addition, low prices are also part of its distinguishing feature. Tag it combine with “do it yourself”. In fact, all the furniture from this Swedish brand plays with the ease of assembly that customers try to do it themselves at home.

But now, the Swedish company has released a bunch of wireless portable chargers that people usually have to pay more for in phone stores. Ikea offers several prices, but the cheapest one costs €5 and you can find it here. One user comments on Twitter: “I bought something for 5 euros that I should have paid 100 for.”

The cheapest wardrobe in IKEA

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this Ikea wardrobe, white in color and belonging to the Baggebo line, is the perfect piece to give space to all those things you didn’t know where to put until now. With dimensions of 50 cm in width, 80 in height and 30 cm in depth, the cabinet becomes an ideal place to store books, T-shirts, magazines, shoe boxes or whatever else you want. And nothing can be seen, because the door prevents the things you are going to put inside from being seen. Inside, it has two shelves where you can rest and store whatever you want.

Also, you can combine this mini wardrobe from IKEA Other products from the same Baggebo series (or with others if you prefer), which has bookcases, display cabinets and even a TV cabinet. But, yes, when you have assembled and installed it, you have to secure it to the wall using anchors that are included in the package as a precaution against possible accidents.

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