IKEA shoe rack | Surprise your customers with a shoe rack for only €3 which is amazing for its versatility

The Organize shoes It is essential. There are many people who still take off their shoes when entering the house to avoid bringing dirt or worse things into the house, so there are already thousands who have chosen to acquire a Scandinavian custom. You have shoes at the entrance And don’t go around the house doing the same thing that used to be on the street.

In this case and bearing in mind that we do not usually have one pair of shoes (neither two nor three), it is necessary to reserve space for shoemaker Where shoes are stored and preserved in long-awaited demand.

There are shoe cabinets for all tastes and budgets, but if you don’t have much money, or if you simply want to spend a little money on that piece of furniture, you can always go and look at IKEA shoe rack, which has a comprehensive catalog in which you will surely find a good solution for what you are looking for. From here we offer the cheapest and most practical IKEA shoe rack which can best help you solve the shoe organization problem.

The cheapest IKEA shoe rack

Although it is not strictly a shoe rack, it can be used so that your shoes are not in the way and keeps order at the entrance to the house. It’s actually a shoe rack, but you can use it as a shoe rack by installing it next to a door, inside a closet or under a hall closet, for example. If you leave your shoes in it, the sole will not touch the tile of the house, and in addition, you will have all the pairs well organized, one next to the other and close at hand. You can stack more than one because it has a lace system. And the best part is that the price IKEA Gregg shoe rack: €4 only.

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else Ikea shoe rack at an unbeatable price It’s the Trones shoe cabinet (below these lines), available in two colors: black and white. Each piece consists of two shoe shelves located one above the other, and because it follows a modular system, you can create all the fixtures you need, as well as use the top as a shelf. One of its great features is that it is a narrow piece of furniture (18 cm deep), which makes it an ideal piece for hallways, small halls or places with a small footprint. This shoe rack is priced at €25 and comes in two units.

If you are looking for the same concept shoemaker But on top, you can opt for the Bissa model, which also includes two vertical shoe shelves and a small shelf on top. In this case, the bottom is a little larger (28 cm) and you can also use it as a module for Design your own creativity according to your needs. Its price is 35 euros and 49 if you want three cabins instead of two.

Finally, you can also get Ikea with a file Tjusig simple design shoe rack made of solid wood It adapts to multiple spaces. It consists of two metal shelves attached to a wooden frame that you can stack according to your needs. It’s the perfect solution for mounting a solid shoe shelf at the bottom of a built-in wardrobe, for example, or for mounting an innovative shoe shelf on the wall. It’s not very wide (bottom 32 cm) and the possibilities are as many as your imagination can wish. its price? 69 euros.

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So far, our selection of The cheapest and most practical Ikea shoe rack. Turning a corner of your home into a space for order and organization with them, and at the same time making your home more comfortable is up to you.

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