Ikea pillow cover that prevents bacteria from forming on the face

The bedroom also requires attention when it comes to furniture. The fabrics we choose for blankets, bedspreads, sheets, curtains, rugs, and bed blankets are important for a good sleep. Fabrics not made of natural fibers can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. While sleeping, we should enjoy a healthy, natural environment as much as possible. So here are some tips on how we can also benefit while you sleep.

We often pay attention to the aesthetics of our home, but we must also choose on the basis of comfort and functionality. In particular, bedrooms should have adequate ventilation and lighting. In terms of air quality, we can choose windows with wide openings that allow the air to change without having to keep the window frames wide open. You can also choose plants suitable for the bedroom that beautify and purify the air.

Closets and damp areas should also be cleaned well to avoid the formation of mold that is harmful to breathing.

Few people may know it, but the choice of fabrics for sheets and pillowcases also makes a difference.

Silk is a fiber of animal origin with which luxurious fabrics are made. For this reason, silk sheets are often associated with luxury. In the vast majority of homes, beds are made of cotton or flannel sheets and pillowcases. It is rare to find homes that use silk furnishings. But we must all choose it if we want to enjoy certain benefits.

Silk benefits and prices

The lightness and natural origin of silk guarantee great airiness and freshness that make sleeping more pleasant. Although it looks like a fabric suitable for warm seasons, it can be used safely in winter.

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Silk is good for the skin. It is hypoallergenic and naturally resists the formation of bacteria and mites. Being a thin fabric, it reduces friction with skin and hair.

Those with sensitive or redness-prone skin can find an important ally in silk pillowcases. The hair will also be softer and shinier and will lose the frizz effect which is so annoying in the morning. If we use night creams, sleeping on silk pillows does not put you at risk of absorbing cosmetics from the fabric. The effect of the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. With silk pillowcases, we’ll have a beauty session while we sleep. For this reason, we should all use soft pillows made from these natural fibers.

Ikea counts among its products the Nattjasmin cushion cover. Silky soft cushion cover with a beautiful sheen. Satin fabric is made from ultra-fine lyocell and sustainably grown cotton, two natural materials that are very pleasant to the touch.

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