Ignacio Garcia resigns as Almagro Festival director

The Director submitted his resignation at the meeting of the Board of Trustees, which was about to renew his mandate for another year

Quite unexpectedly, last Thursday, November 3, during a meeting of the Board of Trustees of d Almagro International Festival of Classical Theaterits manager, Ignatius Garciahe quit. At the said meeting, representatives of all the institutions that are part of the said sponsorship – the National Institute of Dramatic Art and Music, the Ministry of Culture of Junta de Castilla La Mancha, the Ciudad Real Provincial Council, the City Council of Almagro, the University of Castilla La Mancha – were to assure Ignacio Garcia that after completing His five-year term at the helm of the competition, they extended his position for another year. This newspaper learned, During that meeting, Ignacio Garcia read out a letter to those present declaring his refusal to continue in his position.

The blissin a statement just released, explains that “prior to the next review of the continuity of management, which is scheduled in accordance with the articles of association of the Foundation on November 30 this year, and with a view to ensuring the correct development of this in its 2023 issue, the Board of Trustees proposed the continuity of the current person in charge for another year. who drives Juan Francesc Marco He points out that this proposal was rejected by Ignacio Garcia, who “submitted his resignation as director of the Festival Foundation and Artistic Director” although the reasons for his refusal were never explained. This newspaper has been trying for several days to communicate with or with Ignacio Garcia Louis Homarboss National Classical Theater Company (CNTC)attended that meeting, without results.

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In view of this situation, and according to the same statement, “the Board of Trustees will take the necessary measures to ensure the correct progress of the 46th Almagro Festival and will soon announce the change in position.”

During this latest edition of the festival, which took place last July, the director publicly expressed his desire to continue to lead the event. However, according to sources consulted by this newspaper, Ignacio Garcia’s refusal not to accept the extension of his contract will not respond to economic disagreements, but rather You must do, among other reasons, the programming conditions and the number of performances of CNTC productions within the festivalwhich could have been reduced in the next release.

In addition, this newspaper was able to confirm that Ignacio Garcia It was not the first choice of sponsors to guide the festival in the coming years And that conversations took place in the spring with other directors and directors. During the latest release, the tension in the relationship between Ignacio García and Lluis Homar’s CNTC was also notorious. Then the competition opened Marcilac is meGreetings to the founder of the company, Adolfo MarcilacOn the twentieth anniversary of his death, directed and performed by Hamar, who accompanied him on stage Noria EspritAnd the Adriana Osiris s Charles Hippolytus. A day after the premiere, at a press conference, Ignacio García announced: “The festival begins today ” signifying the gap between it and the CNTC, which premiered The crook of Seville In the Greekbefore reaching the classic competition.

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Ignacio García was chosen in 2017 to succeed Natalia Menendez He was at the helm of the festival and first appeared as a director in the 41st session of the festival, in 2018. Then the Ministry of Culture identified him as “a figure of outstanding projection in artistic direction and theater management, with extensive knowledge of the Almagro One Festival.” Great experience in spreading Spanish ammunition from the golden age& rdquo;. Since then, García has made an effort to transform the festival into what he never tires of defining as a “golden age nature reserve” and in building bridges with Latin America. When he was selected, Ignacio García had a career behind as an assistant art director for spanish theater in madrid (From 2004 to 2009), worked as a programmer at International Festival of Contemporary Dramatic Drama – Mexico Festival and cooperate with Teatro Colon BogotaThe The Grand National Theater of Peru and the Mexican National Theater Company. In addition, prior to running the Almagro Festival, he had combined theater management and teaching work in theatre, Zarzuela and Opera.

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