If you want your cat to be more affectionate, try this trick

It has always been said that if we want an affectionate and sociable animal, it is best to choose a dog, but Cats can be too and in fact they are becoming more.

It seems that over time many of them have become very affectionate animals and live with other pets without problems, something that has a scientific explanation and is related to the way we interact with them.

The socialization period is key

As with dogs, cats go through a period called “socialization” during which brain connections develop and this lasts from two to nine weeks, explains Miria Berenguer, a cat behaviorist.

It is these weeks that will determine the future character of the catSo if we want to have a pet that we can live with without problems, we will have to make an effort to make this time as pleasant as possible for the animal.

Positive communication will make a difference

During the socialization phase, we must do everything possible so that the cats are exposed to different controlled stimuli and do not cause them stressful situations.

In this way we must touch them, caress them, but always in short periods of time and in the areas they love, such as the head, without overwhelming them with displays of affection such as hugs or kisses, which would harm them. their future.

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You also have to put him in contact with children, dogs, other adults, and even with the animals he will live with, Like the birds, although we are always in control of the situation, because the last thing we want is to be bitten by a dog.

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If we get all the stimuli positive in those weeks, the result will be an animal that will not present coexistence problems and an ideal pet, although always knowing that as a cat, its behavior is different from that of dogs.

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