“If You Love Me, Come To Jerez”: Lola Flores’ Cradle Turns On Its Centenary

A museum will open its doors in the spring with a collection supervised by her daughters that will reveal the “spirit” of “La Faraona” and on Sunday her city celebrates the first century anniversary of an artist still in fashion among young people.

“Until now, there was no one who sang or danced like me. But I know above all that I will be remembered and I will remain in people’s memory.” Lola Flores (Jerez, 1923-1995) said it was kept in the archives of the newspaper Televisión Española and she was not wrong. She would, in her own way, dictate her last wishes in front of the cameras. She wanted her “shemales”, who loved her so much, and her fans to stand in line at her coffin whining “poor thing, how funny”; And he dreamed that a great orchestra would play “La Zarzamora” for him while his coffin was traveling from Madrid to Seville. It wasn’t quite like that, but in 2023, much of what it sparked at its close, in the year of its centenary, will be overtaken.

Lola Flores, an international Spanish artist, in the world of fashion, turned into an advertising claim, icon and symbol even for the youngest, who did not even know her in life. She herself said that she was “unrepeatable” and the city of her birth, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), “amazed them” to honor the pinnacle of her art. This Saturday, January 21, the day of his 100th birthday, it will all begin with singing and dancing.

Jerez City Council officially presented on Wednesday at the Vitor Tourist Fair the year of the centenary of Lola Flores. His museum, a Interpretation Center With an area of ​​300 square meters and two floors located in Nave del Aceite, it will open in spring and will put the icing on the cake of a program that will permeate everything that happens in the city during the next twelve months with flowers. His daughters have been involved with the city council in the pieces that will make up this museum and although the family will be involved in the business created through ticket sales and other events, everything will go to a foundation that will be sponsors of new talent & rdquor; They explain from Consistory, who are thankful for the family’s “generosity”.

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“The people of the street” de Jerez paid tribute to him in a memorial video. Her compatriots remember that she was the one who spoke truths like a fist, such as “the brightness of the eyes don’t work, her strength and genius stand out, her way of speaking with her hands, her anger an unbridled colt ”” the strength of a hurricane ” With which she went on stage, this made her unique. Jerez will devote a whole year to Show the world the artist’s soul which they called “La Pharaona” through Her films, songs, interviews, as well as her drawings and earrings or dresses that she designed herself And this will be shown in its cultural space, located next to the Flamenco Museum, which is still under construction by the Junta de Andalucía. Rosario Flores explained that the translation center that will house the artist’s treasures will be a “changing space”, because it will transform with the many treasures her fans have in store.

It was Lola Flores “Ambassador of the art of living & rdquor;. She died in her robe, taping a TVE program, and after living for 25 years with breast cancer was dubbed a “bastard”. her boyfriend Paquita Rico Dismiss her as the most Spanish-produced Spanish & rdquor; actor Paco Rabal She asserted that she felt the same way she did when Picasso died, as if something of her own had been taken away from her, and she said it only happened to her and Lapsionaria, “symbols, myths and genius”. Pedro Almodovarsad, and proved his novelty. Today his appeal lives on. Lola Flores stars, 28 years after her death, in advertising campaigns thanks to artificial intelligence, she is the symbol of feminism, the face of T-shirts, she has made folklore modern.

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jerez mayor, Maman SanchezHe claimed that Lola Flores was “one of the greatest ambassadors of the country and our culture” and her birthplace was all over the world. Authenticity science, of courage and freedom, blur the mayor, who highlighted her “special character & rdquor; and “individual personality”. the University of Cadiz She will be involved in the analysis of a woman who never needed translators and who “is still a contemporary, contemporary star with a strong magnetism,” Sanchez claimed.

Motorcycles and football

Flamenco will play a leading role in the tribute, with the Cádiz Provincial Council and several companies as well as the City Council participating as sponsors, which have contributed 730,000 euros to its museum. The cultural program aims to give young people who identify with the artist an opportunity to get to know her in depth. Lola Flores will be on the trains, there is an agreement with Adif, on RTVE and Canal Sur, in the wineries of Jerez and in football. She was so pioneering that even in women’s football she took the initiative and jumped onto the pitch at any charity match. Cyclists can pay tribute to her at Jerez Grand Prix And, of course, the Flamenco Festival, the Fiesta de la Puleria, the Holy Week or the Fair One hundred percent floral ingredient This is the year 2023.

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The city will enable three ways to find out where he was born, where he was baptized, where he walked, and where he returned when he left the city. In ‘Lola’s tablao’ they will talk about it, it will be a space for everyone who wants to present a book or organize a conference on her fashion design or a course on the technique of moving her hands. Her daughter, Rosario, confirmed that her mother’s dream was to have a cultural center on her land, and she was happy with a project they had been working on for five years. “My mom is more alive than ever. She herself said that it was eternal, and confirmed.

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“Lola is all of Spain,” said the former mayor of Jerez, Pedro Pacheco, on the day of her burial. Her city cried tears of joy and now celebrates it with equal intensity. At first it was “Imperio de Jerez”. That was his name before he went to Madrid to pursue his career and start shining alongside Manolo Caracol. The couple divorced in 1951 and Lola Flores traveled alone to America, where she was a smash hit and won the title of La Faraona. “The Pharaoh enjoys life and death & rdquo;She said the song and it fulfills it literally. This year Jerez encourages spending quality time with Flores in his home city.

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