If you have to clean the outside of your blinds, buy this product from Mercadona

when you arrive the spring And temperatures riseIt’s time to do a good cleaning. It’s time to wake up the house from his winter slumber, Open all windows And start doing housework Which we’ve been putting off for months. You have to clean every corner of the house for the arrival of summer.

He is Need to organize work to avoid Extreme tiredness or forgetting part of the house. The most organized people make a list, listing all tasks in order of priority or difficulty. naturally, You also have to take care of the exterior of the house. For example, don’t forget to remove green algae that forms on walls and floors in the winter.

home work

there home work who are more grateful than others. and then There are those distasteful tasks that we always leave behind next month And never It’s time to confront them.Cleaning Curtains He is one of them, because It takes a lot of effort And a long time. thus, It is important to know all the homemade tricks That they can speed up this task.

How to properly clean the curtain?

Not the same Cleaning The curtain is more on the outside than on the inside, especially if we don’t have access Blind people from abroad. In addition, one must take into account What material is our curtain made of: wood, PVC, plastic, aluminum… the nature of each curtain It claims a different type of product.

On the other hand, color will also be decisive when it comes Clean up since then the goalwhich is one of the most popular colors in this item, It’s a little trickier.

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A little bit of Neutral soap and clean water We can shine to our curtains regardless of the material. However, when the dirt is too sticky, you can use it More specific products (non-abrasive) or Get a steamer.

Clean the outside of the curtain

When we can reach the outside of the curtain, cleaning is much easier: We lowered the curtain partway So that the slides remain open and We have access to typical openings, Where dirt accumulates.

Next, we’ll take a file Soft bristle brush And we will clean well from top to bottom to get rid of dirt. After brushing the curtain, We must aspire to it From inside and outside.

Now free of dust We pass a cloth with water and a neutral soap, from left to right and top to bottom. When they are well cleaned, it is important Dry it with a cotton cloth And you have to leave it unattended for later Cleaning inside. Neutral soap is a product that can be found in supermarkets such as Mercadona at a very affordable price.

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If we can’t get to the outside of the blinds, the traditional solution is Open the upper drawer where the curtain is rolled.

We must take a ladder and with Bucket full of soapy water, clean the visible part of the roller blindto. After that, we open the curtain a little so that we do not see the part that we have cleaned and remove the dirt from the next turn. We repeat the procedure until Let’s get on Clean the blind full.

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