If you have this sofa at home, you are not out of fashion

Fashion usually rules home décor trends, as it does in the world of clothing. When decorating our home the most important thing Give it our personal touch To adapt spaces and rooms to our tastes and feel comfortable.

However, the choice and arrangement of furniture, the separation of spaces or colors can transform a space by a few meters. the Light and home decoration It can be critical for us The house looks bigger or smaller; cooler or more comfortable. In the case of small houses it is also necessary to find solutions Space optimization And make the most of every angle.

The five directions in sofas

1. Modules

Both because of its versatility, as it can be adapted to the needs and dimensions of the space in the room, and because it can then be configured and disassembled according to the moment, this type of sofa is a trend.

2. Noticeable edges

The effect of seam or finishing on the edge of the border of this type of furniture is very trendy and will be a trend in 2023.

3. Thin and high armrests

This type of armrest brings character and refinement to the space.

4. Curves

Curved and sinuous lines are also in fashion, as they relax and soften the decor and atmosphere in the room.

5. The classics

Iconic designs never fail and they always tend to keep classics and traditions that never fail.

What is no longer worn

1. The armrests are not contoured

This kind of armrest, which is neither long nor narrow and miniature, but is not low and wide, but has a medium shape, is no longer a trend. As we discussed before, The best are those that are good and tall.

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2. Classic wood legs

Although we previously recommended wooden legs, you should follow a minimalist style Far from classic. Avoid everything that is burdensome and bet on simplicity.

3. Studs and screws

These kinds of details, whether in the arms or in any other area of ​​the sofa, are out of trend this year. However, they do return Straight shapes and without external slits.

4. High chrome legs

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These models that have more pronounced legs and chrome finishes are unfortunately out of fashion. instead of, It is better to choose high, pointed legs, Square or cylindrical and with finishes such as brushed wood or metal.

5. The color red

Unfortunately, this color is not among the decorating trends this year. Instead, bet on neutral or blue tones, Especially with Washed effect.

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