If you have money in the bank, OCU recommends that you start doing it

Many people have their savings in a bank checking account for security reasons and others for convenience. Although it may not seem so, keeping a lifetime’s money in a deposit is more common than it seems; But now the Consumers and Users Organization has issued advice to all people who store their money in financial institutions, especially if it exceeds 100,000 euros.

inflation and diversification

The The first notice comes from OCU for inflation comparison: Due to the significant devaluation that we are currently experiencing due to the general increase in prices, it is appropriate not to leave the money stagnant. On the other hand, it was never a good idea to “put all your eggs in the same basket” and invite the entity to diversify the places where savings are deposited.

As they explain from the organization, the people who save It is not appropriate for them to keep money in a checking account. What we should really do with our money according to the OCU is invest it in the short term.

To put savings to work with investments, The first thing we should know for sure is that we won’t need it in the near future: We should anticipate and use only the amount we know will be available for the life of the investment, since early cancellation is often not allowed or severely punished.

however, When we know we have a good amount available And that we will not use it for years, we can get much more profit from it thanks to a long-term deposit: that is, with A longer investment.

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But above all, the Consumers and Users Organization launched a file Warning: Before investing money in anything, it is essential that we put ourselves in the hands of a professionalan expert person who gives us guarantees and really knows how to handle what they are doing.

finally, OCU mentions these investors Which has more than 100,000 euros in the account which has a very high risk, since only this amount is covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

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