“Idol” (HBO), Calculated Controversy Chronicle

A new HBO production, half produced by creator Sam Levinson trance— and singer The Weeknd, league idol He arrived in Cannes wrapped in controversy. In a report published recently by the American Journal Rolling stones about her, The film’s crew members compared its content to “pornography based on sexual violence” and “a toxic man’s rape fantasies”.. The screening of its first two episodes at Cannes fueled the illness surrounding it.

It stars Lily-Rose Depp -yes, daughter of Johnny Depp- in Jocelyn Skin, a pop star in the vein of Britney Spears Who returned to the spotlight after the crisis he suffered due to the death of his mother. At the beginning of the footage shown in Cannes, she insists on showing her breasts to the photographer she imagines despite the fact that, according to the contract signed by both parties, it is forbidden to expose her breasts; He feels that he has complete autonomy over his body, that he can do whatever he wants with it.

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during what comes next, More nipples on screen, episodes of masturbation with shot self-suffocation, and even more decent sex scenes. in which pieces of red silk and razor blades intervene; At one point, alarm bells go off within the young woman’s public relations team when a picture emerges of her face smeared with a white, goo. On paper, these scenes attempt to denounce the exploitation of women in the music world. Seeing what was seen, they show signs of trying to get a piece of it.

The character played by The Weekend meets Jocelyn at the club he runs And despite being a clearly disgusting man, he seduces her. Sooner rather than later, we see him choke the girl during rough sex. During his meeting with the press at the festival, he was asked about the reasons that prompted him to get involved in the series, and the musician spoke of his desire to tell “a dark and twisted fairy tale about the music industry that analyzes the cruelty and absurdity of works that we call “show business”. But he added, Above all, that he was motivated by an interest in “inducing many people to displeasure.” At least as far as the latter is concerned, it is probable that he achieved his object.

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