Ian Gibson wins Comillas award for his memoirs

With some “remarkable” memories, according to the jury, marked by “courage and honesty”, Hispanic Ian Gibson This thursday rose with The 35th Comillas Award granted by the publisher tusks. In the book with the title, Carmen in Granada. notes from dublin, The chronicler evokes his life from its roots in the bosom of a Methodist family in very Catholic Dublin in the 1940s, “a world and characters that seem drawn from a story by James Joyce”.

in the jury’s decision Comillas Prize for History, Biography and Reminiscences How Gibson (Dublin, 1939), recalls, asserts, “often starkly, the tensions and frustrations” of that “puritanic home, as well as his passionate education at various boarding schools, where he dealt with remarkable characters who, in time, gained importance in the field Anglo-Saxon”. In these experiences, “a personality that fascinated her was formed, after a journey of upbringing The tragedy of Federico García LorcaThis was the beginning of his “unwavering commitment to restoring the crucial figures of twentieth-century Spanish culture”.

Tusquets will publish Gibson’s memoirs The next rally in the group memory time. The comillas, to which 47 originals are presented, assume to the Spanish a copyright advance of €12,000 and a bronze statuette designed by Joaquín Camps.

Dissertation on Lorca

Gibson arrived in Granada in 1965 with his wife and 14-month-old daughter to finish his doctoral thesis on the roots of Lorca’s work. However, the project soon became an investigation into the murder of the poet by the fascists in Granada a month after the start of the civil war. The book, a classic today, was published in 1971 at Ruedo Ibérico, the famous Parisian publishing house in republican exile, but was banned by the Franco regime. It was recognized with the International Press Award at the Fair Book Fair, immediately translated into many languages ​​and published in Spain by Franco’s death.

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Machado, Buñuel and Daly

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Also here, discover Antonio Machado and the drama of the Civil War and the post-war period. His investigations as a biographer of them and other personalities such as Luis Buñuel or Salvador Dali She culminates in this memorial exercise, “a true teacher for someone who specializes in recounting the lives of others,” Tusquets says.

Already based in Madrid, Gibson wrote the complete biography of Lorca, which will be published in two volumes, between 1985 and 1987. A Spanish citizen since 1984, he has published several history books and biographies, including The night Calvo Sotelo was killed (1982), Paracuelos, how was it? (1983), I’m Ruben Dario (2002), but also novels such as Prime salon (Fernando Lara Award, 2012).

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