I was late bloomer with sex – but was determined to become great at it

I was late bloomer with sex – but was determined to become great at it

EXCLUSIVE: Bel Di Lorenzo, CEO, founder of and creator of The Oh!lympus Program, was determined to become a dynamo in the bedroom, despite being late to the game

A woman lifted the lid on her past after becoming the founder of a sex practice which aims to boost orgasms.

Bel Di Lorenzo came from a fairly traditional family where sex was never a big topic of discussion on the dinner table.

In fact, the first conversation she had with her mum about sex only came around a year ago.


The CEO and founder of told her parents she quit her job to focus on her Vaginal Acrobatics course.

Now she’s the creator of The Oh!lympus Program, the first fully animated guide to help with pelvic floor training.

Speaking with Daily Star, Bel revealed how her past lack of experiences with sex came into play with her job now.

She said: “The first sexual conversation we had with my mum was less than a year ago.

“I told her I had quit my job to focus on my Vaginal Acrobatics course and she asked me if she and dad could buy it.

“I was very much a late bloomer when it came to sex – but at the same time, I was fascinated with it.”

Throughout her teens, Bel would stay up all night reading about sex and even writing her very own erotic tales.

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As an overachiever, the straight-A student was determined to become amazing at sex when the time came for her.

She added: “That’s how I first discovered Pompoir.

“It’s a sex practice where women mastered their vaginal muscles to be able to tilt, squeeze, lock and even twist a penis.

“As I continued my research, I found there wasn’t a lot of information about it in English.

“When it came to women’s sexuality, it seemed like there was either nothing, or there was straight out porn.”

Bel decided it was time to bring more education on the matter – so that’s when her brand was created.

She revealed: “Fast forward a few years, when I was actually having sex, I decided to teach myself the practice.

“I was determined to become a ‘vaginal acrobat’, capable of performing complex skills using my pelvic floor muscles.

“And it was incredible. I was lucky enough to have a partner who gave me extremely helpful feedback.”

Bel says the intense session made them feel like they had the libido of an erotically charged teen.

Now she coaches hundreds of women on the practice and it’s being medically endorsed.

The coach concluded: “I loved the idea of helping other women, but I didn’t know where to begin.

“Women have come to the practice from a bunch of different angles – to naturally boost their libido, or after childbirth.

“Other women practice it to even achieve their first vaginal orgasms.

“I absolutely love what I do. Especially when I get to teach women to enjoy sex more naturally.”

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