“I want it all to stop.”

the Jeddah Nael M.His death on Tuesday at the hands of police sparked the worst of France’s recent wave of riots, calling for calm on Sunday after five nights of clashes between police and protesters.

«I want all of this to stop. For people who break things I tell them to stop. Don’t destroy the schools,” laments the woman, who is identified as “Nadia,” in a conversation with BFMTV.

Nadia accused part of the protesters of using her grandson’s death as an “excuse” to destroy the country. “Don’t destroy the schools, don’t destroy the buses, because Mothers are the ones who use itBina.

The woman confessed “Tired” of the situation This crisis is worse for his daughter, Nael’s mother “No life left”you may regret.

However, “Nadia” denounced offers of support for the police officer who shot the young man on Tuesday in Nanterre, like those of the right-wing columnist Jean Messiha who opened. A group to support the agent’s family financially.

Messiah confirmed this The agent was limited to “doing his job”. After opening fire on the young man at a checkpoint, “he is now paying a heavy price.”

Nadia responded to this initiative, “It breaks my heart.” I blame the policeman who killed my grandson.Added the woman who cleared the rest of her body. “I have nothing against them. Thank God they are there.”

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