“I became psychotic. I strangled and stabbed her.”

the young man who He killed his Canadian girlfriend and then took a picture of his confession He was stained with his blood and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Jack Sibel attacked Ashley Wadsworth, 19, at her home in Essex, UK, in February, stabbed her 90 times With stab wounds so deep that it caused a spinal defect.

Moments after the attack, Sybil filmed himself on his mobile phone covered in his partner’s blood, admitting to the murder and apologizing for what he had done.

Blood was also found on Sepple’s game console, suggesting he was playing with it after Ashley’s death.

In the confession video, where Sybil appears to be addressing Ashley’s sister Hailey, Ashley’s dead body can be seen in the background of the video. When the police arrived, he said, “I went psycho, I’m sorry. I strangled and stabbed her.” According to Policeman Sibel. He claimed he took “a lot of drugs”.

The bloodstained kitchen knife used in the attack was found behind a heating pipe in the living room.

Seibel had pleaded guilty to murder at a previous hearing and this month was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 23 years and six months. The judge said it was a “brutal and cowardly attack” and that Sibel “unnecessarily caused his body to suffer about 90 wounded”.

“She was a young woman of a loving nature and was obviously very loved by her family, especially her mother, father, sister and niece,” the judge added.

“His criminal history shows a clear history of violent and controlling behavior towards women,” Laspel said, describing the attack as “The frenzied murder caused by violent motives”.

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According to the attorney general, Sybil Wadsworth was killed after he was “outraged by his decision to return early to his native Canada.” “He repeatedly strangled and stabbed Ashley and left her in their shared bed while he went about his day,” she added.

When the police forcefully entered the property, they found Sybil on a FaceTime call with his sister “while he was showing her the body.”

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