“I already gave what I had to give.”

At around 7:00 pm in Argentina, Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner reappeared in public on Thursday. It is the first time that the official expresses herself after the current president. Alberto FernandezHe announces his decision not to run for the presidential elections. Announced this week, the speech was one of the most economically significant of Fernandez’s four years in office.

The ex-president’s reason for being in law was to achieve a master’s degree at Teatro Argentino de la Plata – a provincial capital Buenos Aires-. The official topic of her presentation was titled “The International Monetary Fund and its recipe for inflation and stagnation.” The official’s speech lasted an hour and twenty minutes.

Regarding the beginning of the speech, the Vice President referred to the twentieth anniversary of Nestor Kirchner’s arrival at the Casa Rosada in December 2003. Before beginning her speech, which took place an hour after her announcement, the audience was looking forward to her chanting, “Christina the President.”

Back to the stage

After a long speech in which the vice president made a kind of extensive review of the recent history of the Argentine economy – in which she referred to the moment when the country had five presidents in one week in the so-called “crisis of 2001” -, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner Focus on the current scenario. One of the strong points of his speech was the criticism of part of the opposition to the government which is proposing, these days, to replace the Argentine peso with the dollar as the official currency as a solution to the accelerating inflation that plagues South America. nation.

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An amazing fact of the event in which the Vice President was the main protagonist is that although there were many allies of the official, President Alberto Fernández was not present, either physically or during Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s speech. “Is it possible, after twenty years, to discuss what failed in Argentina twenty years ago?” he asked. Regarding the agreement that Argentina currently has with the International Monetary Fund, Fernández de Kirchner asked “Review some items».

about the crisis

The Argentine economy shuddered this week with the sudden rise in the price of the parallel dollar, which had an immediate impact on the markets and on product prices – some traders went so far as to raise prices up to three times in one day. In this regard, the vice president noted: “We had currency inflows.” Immediately afterwards, he defended some of the economic measures implemented under his government.

After more than an hour of continuous speaking, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner recalled the court’s ruling against her. “It is no coincidence that the only person ever tried, convicted, or attempted murder was one,” he said, adding, “I fear my grandchildren will live in such an unjust country.”

At the end of her presentation, which lasted about an hour and a half, the official urged “politics” to “Take the direction again». Although she didn’t specifically indicate that she could present her presidential candidacy, the vice president gave a nod in the opposite direction: “I’ve already presented what I had to offer.”

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In the same sense, he referred to the elections that will be held in October of this year and sent a message of unity: “We must have an agreement between the political forces so that the country works so that every election is not a birth.” “.

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