Hungary keeps in the air approving 18,000 million aid to Ukraine

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has become Vladimir Putin’s main ally in Europe. Not only does he consider the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia to be, in fact, a “step towards war”, from within “dangerous” strategy in the conflict in Ukraine, but now threatens to block approval of the 18,000 million euro budget through which Europe wants to help Ukraine keep its institutions functioning despite the war.

Orban’s position blew up the old Visegrad group that includes Eastern European countries along with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, precisely because of Orban’s reluctance to follow the common line. against the Russian dictatorship. Moreover, in recent months, while Hungary has been drowning diplomatically, Poland has become a military power that makes great use of and leverages its strategic position as a bridge between NATO and Ukraine to strengthen itself extraordinarily.

For now, only Hungary has stated that it opposes handing over these 18,000 million, but has so far done nothing to prevent the measure from continuing. To process your consent. Once the Commission puts it on the table, because it is an issue affecting the budget, it must be endorsed by all Member States, that is, there will come a time when ambassadors will have to say whether they agree or not. no.

However, in his recent statements, Orban has hinted that this idea is not attractive to him. Everyone who interferes economically with it military conflict They took a stand,” the Hungarian nationalist-conservative leader said in a radio interview going so far as to warn that with EU policy “we are slipping little by little towards war.”

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One of the most weighty arguments when opposing sanctions against Russia Disastrous economic situation In the country, with negative growth rates and one of the highest inflation rates in the European Union, especially in food.

party to the dispute

The country has not received recovery aid because it refuses to tolerate the rule of law recommendations on which those funds legally depend. So far I have been able to allow her to continue buying Russian oil, from her fully dependentAnd we do not want more sanctions, nor more money for Ukraine: “Now we are providing destructive weapons, training Ukrainian soldiers on our lands, and imposing energy sanctions. We have in fact become part of the struggle. They haven’t shot us yet, but we’re about to become warriors. Europe is playing a very dangerous game.”

One of the arguments that has more weight when opposing sanctions against Russia is the disastrous economic situation in the country.

The Czech Republic has already decided to boycott the meeting of the Visegrad Group, which has established itself as one of the most decisive unions of the EU countries, not always according to the official Brussels line, as a counterweight to the large Western countries. . The situation benefits Poland, which also maintains Battle with the European Commissionbut it managed to put this debate aside to establish itself as the most decisive country in managing the conflict in Ukraine in every way, with the help of South Korea, which provides it with most of its military technology.

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